The best friend

He was my best friend, my brother, my ride or die, my rock by what I'd don't know was that one action would change everything.


21. tonight

Luke's P.O.V

Today me and Angel are driving to my family's beach house for a little vacation. I was nervous because I had a big surprise for her.

"I'm so excited" she said in the passenger seat as I drove.

"Y-yea so am I" I stuttered as I mentally cursed at myself.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Yea just excited for a date night" I said. It was around 6 pm and our date night started at 8 I planned to have her get ready downstairs. Upstairs is a bed full of rose petals and candles. Outside is going to be a picnic by the beach water with a bunch of lights. I was so excited but nervous. We got to the house and stepped out the car angel stood there with her mouth wide open.

"Luke this is amazing" she said jumping into my arms as I spun her around.

"Go get ready for the date and get ready downstairs like we talked about don't want to ruin the sunrise" I said kissing her. I put her bags in the room and let her get ready. I went to the other room and threw on black skinny jeans, a white button up, and black converse. I then grabbed all the stuff for the date choclate covered strawberries, pasta, my grandmas famous meat balls, pizza, cookies, and biscuits it was going to be a crazy picnic which made it special. I set all the stuff on a giant blanket.

Tonight was going to be perfect....

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