The best friend

He was my best friend, my brother, my ride or die, my rock by what I'd don't know was that one action would change everything.


2. the vine cave

~10 years ago~

Angels P.O.V

"Honey we are leaving on a buissnes trip" said mom and dad.

"But my ballet show is tomorrow" I said frowning.

"New time honey here's some money buy a new toy" they said I cried and ran out to my secret spot. If you walk by the lake behind all the vine there's a cave with a waterfall inside it was beautiful I always went there when I wanted to be alone. I took off my sandals and put my feet in the water. I then heard foot steps and a pair of feet go in the water I looked up to see a boy with blue eyes.

"Hi" he said shyly.

"Hi" I said with tears in my eyes.

"What's wrong" he said. I told him the story.

"Need a hug" he said I nodded and hugged him.

"Wanna be friends" i said.

"How about best friends" he said I smiled as we wakes home. I noticed his house was right next to mine how come I never noticed. And that's how the friendship started.

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