The best friend

He was my best friend, my brother, my ride or die, my rock by what I'd don't know was that one action would change everything.


5. the present

~The present~

It's now our first day of school again for high school me and Luke are both 17 and are still best friends and honesty I would not have it any other way but now we have a crew Ashton, Calum, and Michael and we are pretty popular. Like hit puberty now all the girls want him but he rejects them because he has a "crush" who he won't tell me and those girls used to bully him.

My phone rang and it was Luke ugh.

(L-Luke A-Angel)

L-wake up my little sunshine

A-why can't we just stay home

L-as much as I want to with you no

*end of call*

He hung up ugh until I heard my bedroom door open.

"Go get ready sunshine" he said as he picked out my outfit he looks doing that it's funny but annoying but I love him anyways.

After I showered I got out with only a towel it didn't bother me too much to change in front of him he was watching neflix anyways. I looked at my clothes he chose a nirvana shirt, black jeans and black vans. He left my bra with a thong oh hell no.

"Luke What is this?! " I said holding the underwear up.

"Your closest I should be asking you that question and you never know what could happen" he said winking. I changed the underwear

"Shut up your horny virgin" I said laughing.

"Your one too" he said.

I put on my undergarments in the bathroom and did my make up then went to change in the room. I didn't mind changing there but I did mind if I was completely naked bec that's weird.

We got out of likes car most staring bec he decided to match with me I rolled my eyes and put a sweater on.

"Hey" the three boys said to me and Luke in unison.

"Angel why the sweater" asked Calum. I unzipped it to show my outfit matching Luke. He just laughed.

"Hey Luke why don't you stop by my house tonight" Stacy said handing a paper to Luke while walking away. He looked at it.

"Luke your not thinking of going right" said Michael.

"Luke are you nuts don't be a play toy" I said.

"What wrong with having fun jeez he said throwing it out opening his locker. I went to the fountain to get water till I was pushed to the wall by Jake the captain of the football team.

"What do you want"I said.

"Aw feisty aren't we why don't you come with me" he said running his hands near my bum.

"Can you not" I said trying to leave but he pulled me back holding my wrist.

"Ow your hurting me" I said trying to leave but he pulled tighter I winced at the pain tears forming.

"She told you to stop" said Luke standing in front of me.

"What you gonna do blondie" he said.

"Watch it" Luke said to him. He took me by my waist and sat me down. I played with my thumbs.

"Why do you let him do that" he said.

"You act like I can do something!" I yelled.

"You just let him hurt you!" He yelled.

"It's not my fault! Maybe I deserve to be hurt" I stood up and walked away.

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