The best friend

He was my best friend, my brother, my ride or die, my rock by what I'd don't know was that one action would change everything.


6. the party

Angel's P.O.V

I went outside to go home still someone ran by my side.

"Sunshine I'm so sorry" said Luke.

"I'm fine. Like always" I said bluntly.

"Your not" he said.

"If you know that then why ask" I said annoyed.

"Why are you acting like such a bitch all I'm trying to do is help" he said.

"Maybe I don't need your help you dick" I said tears in my eyes running to my door. He ran after me I closed the door before he could get in he just slapped the door and went away. I went upstairs and cried into my pillow. I looked out my window which was right across from Luke's he punch the wall and made a hole and kicked it he screamed in pain with bloody knuckles. I looked the other way and cried. I glanced to see him staring at me, I got up closed the curtains and fell asleep thinking what is wrong with me.

Luke's P.O.V

After the conversation we had she slammed the door in my face. How can she not see I care so much about her.

"Hey honey h-" I slammed the door before my mom could finish. I punched the wall as hard as I could until my knuckles started to bleed and I fell to the ground crying.

"Give her space" said my mom hugging me and kissing my head.

~1 week later~

Angel's P.O.V

I got to school I have actually been talking to Jake lately he's actually been acting like a friend and not such a fuck boy. When I hang out with him Luke stares at me a lot I still haven't found the courage to talk to him.

"I gtg to class bye Angel" he said smiling.

"Bye Jake" I said. And went to my locker. The boys were talking till Calum came up to me.

"Hey cuddles what's up" I said.

"Wanna come to a party with us it's Ron's" he said smirking.

"Sure I could use some fun" I said.

"Cool we will pick you up at 8" said Calum.

~7:30 pm~

The guys would be here soon I was just doing a little make up. I had a plan b to hang with Jake at the party just incase Luke hangs around I don't want it to be awkward. I chose to wear a black tight crop top, high wasted light washed shorts, and a pair of vans and I left my hair natural.

*ding dong*

I ran downstairs to see Calum.

"Hey cutie les roll" he said putting his shades on. I laughed at him trying to act cool. Of course when I got there I had to sit in front....with Luke of course the boys would do this. We got to the party I saw Jake outside waiting for me so I jumped on his back.

"AHH" he screamed I laughed.

"Hah I scared you" I said.

"Cmon catch up" he said handing me a beer as I went to go find the boys.

After awhile I had 3 beers and 2 cups of vodka with coke and man was I feeling good. All the boys were running around acting crazy but Luke was up against the wall while Stacy kissed him i got this feeling inside idk what it was but I just pushed it away bec I was pretty drunk. I sat on the couch next to Jake.

"Hey you know your pretty right" said Jake slurring.

"Hey. Watch it buddie" I said point my finger giggling. He then smashed his lips onto me and I kissed him back since I was extremely drunk I just went with it. We then went to my house he crawled on top of me kissing me and every minute it was more passionate he started touching me then kissing down my neck then giving me a hickey until someone called him and he said he had to go. All I remembered was the boys coming to my house and falling asleep trying to explain to me that Luke they had to take Luke home because his mom was going to kill him.

I woke up to hear the door bell ring and to see a tired Luke.

"Yes..?"I said asking him.

"What did you do with Jake" he said bluntly.

"Why do you care?" I said.

"What kind of question is that of course I fucking care are you crazy he's just using you!" he said yelling

"At least he's been here for me this woke week unlike you" I said.

"Can you answer my question?" he said.

"It's none of your business what I do" I said about to walk away till he pushed me against the wall putting his body on me centimeters away from my face.

"Did or did you not do anything with Jake!" He said.

"It's none of your fucking business so what if I did something with him not like you car you bastard my life not yours I can fuck who I want" I said his eyes were full of anger


"STOP IT" said all the boys. Calum then picked me up with Ashton and Michael took Luke.

"Sit here till you make up!" said Ashton locking the door from the outside.

" this is all your fault" I said angry.

"So it's my fault that I care and want to protect you, I'm always there for you I care so fucking much and you push me away" he said screaming.

"Maybe side I don't want to lose you like I lost my parents and waste your time" I said crying.

"W-what" he said.

"MY PARENTS DIED IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR! JUST LET ME DIE." I ran to the bathroom till Luke grabbed me and held me. I broke down and cried till I fell asleep.

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