The best friend

He was my best friend, my brother, my ride or die, my rock by what I'd don't know was that one action would change everything.


9. the date

Angel's P.O.V

I called the girls right away to help me get ready for the date and I was honesty so excited but it's just Luke right? Sam and Ana were here in 2.5 it was crazy Ana started on my make up and hair while Sam chose my outfit.

"You guys are gonna date" said Sam.

"I don't even know my feelings yet and I doubt he likes me enough to date me there are better girls" I said.

"Who's the one he asked on a date?" Said Ana. I rolled my eyes.

"This is the one" said Sam holding up and tight black tank dress with a floral lace long sleeve dress on top.

"That looks tight" I said.

"Oh trust me he won't be able to keep his hands off you" said Sam. I bit my lip kinda scared.

"Cmon live a little your 17 stop being such a goodie virgin when you have a hot bad ass date" said Ana.

"He's a virgin too shut up" I said. They stood there with their mouth open.

"Luke hemmings wow he's pretty hot how" said Ana.

"He's waiting for someone special" I said.

"I think he means you" said Ana.

"No" I said as I finished putting on my outfit.

"Woah we did good. You look hot girl" said Sam high fiving Ana.

"I'm nervous" I said.

"I have the perfect thing" said Sam pouring me two shots.

"It will help you lighten up a little" said Sam. It burned my throat but I felt a little less tense. Till the door bell rang. Sam opened the door to all the boys running in but not Luke he stood at the door waiting with flowers and a box when he saw me his jaw basically fell.

Luke's P.O.V

Jack gave me two shots before I left so I wouldn't be so nervous. The boys came so we could all have a sleep over when we came back.

I got to the door at the boys ran in while I waited wearing a white button up, black pants and black converse. I saw her walk up to the door she looked stunning, gorgeous my mouth dropped open but at the same time I wanted to rip that dress off of her. LUKE STOP IT, I mentally slapped myself, best friend nothing more.

"you look absolutely gorgeous" I said taking her hand and taking her to the car as she turned red.

"Use protection!!" screamed Sam while she was being dragged into the car by Ana.

We got to the restaurant it was 5 star it must have been good I just wanted to make her feel special.

"Luke this look expensive we don't have to do this" she said nervously.

"Stop worrying" I said as we sat in a booth.

Angel's P.O.V

"What would you like" said the slutty waitor obviously hitting on Luke.

"Two beers and 4 shots and water, a chicken appetizer, and two cesar salads" he said. I love how he could read my food cravings I swear.

"Really alcohol" I said raising an eyebrow.

"Lighten up let's have fun tonight" he said as we drank our two shot and began to drink my beer. I honestly don't like drinking because I get all giggly. I bit my lip .

"Don't do that" he whispered in my ear giving me chills. I bit my lip again just to tease. He looked away and drank his beer.

"Here's the food" said the lady leaning on the table to show off. I rolled my eyes Luke saw me getting annoyed and put his hand on my thigh.

Luke's P.O.V

Idk what has gotten into me maybe it was the alcohol but I was just chill. I started touching her thigh to tell her it was okay. She started to eat and I started rubbing my hand on her thigh she kept pushing it away but I kept doing it to bug her.

"Luke" she said whining.

"Am I bothering you" I said whispering in her ear. She bit her lip which just made it worse. After what we drank we weren't drunk but we were not sober and she kept giggling. I called a taxi and we hopped in. I kept touching her thigh still she tried crossing her legs which just mad her dress go up. It was kinda entertaining watching her trying not to give in. We finally got home the boys were all asleep. I followed her upstairs and took off my shirt finally I could breath. I saw her slowly taking off her dress I went behind her and hugged her I helped her take off the second part of her dress. She was now in undergarments I couldn't help it I started kissing her collarbone as she bit her lip. She gave in turned around and kissed me. It was so passionate, our tongues fought for dominance. I then wrapped her legs around me. I pushed her against the wall my body pressed against hers she moaned as I found her sweet spot and started sucking. She then layed me down on the bed as she crawled on top of me damn she was sexy. She slowly kissed me while undoing my belt. Being the tease she was she just ran her fingers on my area. I moaned she undid each button slowly then slipped her hand in and right above my underwear started touching me and she kissed me. We were both now in our under garments. She sat and my lap and slowly took off her bra. I bit my lip she's such a tease. She then started grinding on me ugh I moaned. Then I layed her down running my fingers against her underwear and then taking them off. She then took off my boxer suprised by the length. I kissed her while she started move my length up and down slowly. I wonder how she's a Virgin. WAIT SHES A VIRGIN AND SO AM I OH SHIT!

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked she kissed me I guess that was a yes as she put a condom on me and I slowly put it in her. She yelped in pain as she grabbed the sheets and I started the thrusting with her it felt to right all I wanted to do was make love to her. She moaned and she dug her nails in my back.

"Say my name" I said in her ear.

"Uh Luke. Faster." she moaned.

"Scream my name" I said going faster. She moaned I went fast.

"Uh Lukeeee!!!!" She screamed she then released and so did I. We layed next to each other as I kissed her.

"I love you" I said.

"I love you too Luke" she said ask she yawned.

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