The best friend

He was my best friend, my brother, my ride or die, my rock by what I'd don't know was that one action would change everything.


13. none of your beeswax

Angel's P.O.V

I noticed a seat open next to me.

"Please don't sit next to me please don't sit next to me please don't sit next to me" I whispered to myself.

"Take a seat next to Mrs.Rodriguez" Said the teacher as I mentally hit myself. I looked over at Luke to see him looking furious. After Tom dumped me that summer he kinda just left for a year or two and now he's back.

"Hey baby I missed you" he said while kissing my cheek.

"Um we broke up" I said.

"Let's get back together I love you so much babe" he said putting his hand on my thigh. It was making me really uncomfortable.

"Can you please stop" I said while biting my lip all the memories came back of his yelling at me for not wanting to give him my virginity and being scared and all the times he cheated.

"Baby it's alright" he said moving his hand up.

"Can I be excused" I said raising my hand.

"Yes you may" said the teacher. As I walked to get out Tom ran his hand over my ass which just made made me walk faster. I ran to the bathroom and washed my face. I always got anxiety around Tom he just made me so nervous. The bell rang and I went to my locker.

Luke's P.O.V

I saw Tom walk to sit next to her. Jealousy took over my body just watching them sit next to each other. She started squirming around I knew she was nervous. After while she got up to leave and I saw him touch her ass. My blood was now boiling I was going to kill him. Not just because he disrespecting Angel he shouldn't touch any girl like that especially with his past.

Class was over Tom walked over to the locker and I grabbed his collar and pinned him against the locker.

"Listen you better leave Angel alone she doesn't need you ruining her life anymore" I said angrily.

"Aw little baby scared I'm gonna steal his crush again, oh I will she's so easy to fool I'll have her wrapped around my finger begging for me in no time" he said smirking.

"Lay a finger on her and you die" I said my blood boiling. He then pushed me oh that's it. I punched him in the jaw as I got pulled away.

"You'll pay for that" he said while walking away.

"Hey what happened" she Angel cupping my face so I wouldn't look at Tom.

"It's none of your business" I said while walking away.

Angel's P.O.V

All u saw was Luke punch Tom in the jaw.

"Hey what happened?" I asked cupping this face making him look at me.

"Its none of your business" he said bluntly.

~2 weeks later~

Angel's P.O.V

I haven't talked to Luke for 2 weeks. He's mostly been with the other boys as usual practicing across the street. I was walking to get to class as I got pulled into the boys bathroom and pinned against the wall....

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