The best friend

He was my best friend, my brother, my ride or die, my rock by what I'd don't know was that one action would change everything.


7. make up

Luke's P.O.V

I woke up to her in my arms. She's so fragile al I want to do is protect her. I carefully got up to see the door unlocked I walked downstairs and sat with the boys.

"Did you two finally make up" said Ashton.

"Yea" I said.

"Your get so jealous it's kinda funny" said Michael.

"I'm not jealous just worried" I said.

"Dude you obviously like her it's been since middle school cmon just asks her out" said Calum.

"If you don't I will" said Calum.

"No your not" I said getting annoyed.

"Oh he is falling hard" said Michael.

"Hey guys watch a talking about" said Angel walking downstairs. She sat on my lap and put her legs out.

"Nothing" said Calum.

"Is it really nothing Luke" said Michael giggling. I sent him a death glares then see her texting and laughing.

"Who you texting" I asked curiously.

"Um....Jake" she said I just rolled my eyes as she got off my lap. I followed her upstairs.

"Watcha gonna do" I asked.

"Gonna go get food and walk around with Jake" she said happily.

"I don't have a good feeling about him" I said.

"It will be fine don't worry" she said as she took off her shirt.

"Luke your staring" she said giggling.

"you could stay home and cuddle with me" she took a minute to think about it.

"Can I please go cmon" she said giving puppy don't eyes.

"Whatever you owe me" I said.

"Of course" she said as she kissed my cheek.

Me and the boys later on decided to do to the beach to walk around because we were bored. I then saw a couple kissing I looked closer to see Angel and Jake. That stupid bastard.

"I can't do this I'm sorry" said Angel. I felt really hurt and ran back home with the boys.

"What's wrong buddie" said Ashton.

"I saw Angel kissing Jake" I said playing with my thumbs.

"Maybe she was forced she came home looking sad too" he said I just shrugged.

Ashton's P.O.V (Ikr😱)

I knocked on Angels door.

"Come in" she said.

"What happened back there at the beach" I asked.

"We'll I was hanging with Jake and he kissed me it just didn't feel right it I'm kinda trying to get over someone" she said looking down.

"What guy" I asked.

"You can't tell anyone Ashton I swear" I nodded.

"It's Luke" she said blushing. "But he doesn't have feelings back I mean he doesn't want a girl like me".

"I KNEW IT" I said.


"Luke what" said Luke ask he walked in on us talking.

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