My Side of the Tapestry

A collection of my thoughts, feelings and what it's like to be me. ~Warning: Extremely depressing~


16. 26/9/2015

I think I'm finally getting better. After a week and a half of meds, I don't want to commit suicide as often. The thoughts are still there but they aren't as bad now.


I also started my course yesterday - working with children level 1. Currently I'm really enjoying it, even if I can't understand my classmates. Also my daughter gets used to me not being around as she is in the creche. This will help her transition to nursery easily.


Also, as some of you saw, I got asked out the other night. I may have said yes...


I've not really been motivated to write lately, which has sucked. I really wish I could find the words to continue but I have nothing. I'm like a car running on empty.

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