Next To Me {A Joe Sugg FanFiction}

Summer has known Joe since... forever. They're bestfriends and are inseparable. Just as they start getting into the dating scene, things start to get a little more complicated than they both expected.


1. Big Break?

‘Hey! Still up for meeting before school? I have something to tell you!’

I read Max’s text and quickly typed a reply, sighing at the thought of having to get out of bed even earlier. Max and I have been close since pre-school, and basically grown up together. Everyone used to say how we were dating, but we both agreed that neither of us would ever feel that way, even if we did we wouldn’t act on those feelings to save this amazing friendship we have. Life without Max would be a tragedy; like Romeo and Juliet, but without the intense romance.

God, I have to tidy this when I get home…’ I thought as I scanned around my room looking for my shoes before sitting at my dresser to improve my face with as much makeup as possible, at which I was terrible. Rolling my eyes at my reflection I begin.

Finally, I managed to leave, wrapped in eleven layers to stop the cold, winter air getting to me. Thank God I’m meeting Max at the Marwood Coffee Shop; the smell of coffee always makes every winters morning feel somehow special. Still, it was a fifteen minute walk there. I love living in Brighton; the sea, pier, the lanes… it can be such a gorgeous place.

Okay, now Max is known for being late, but not half an hour! It doesn’t help that his phone is off. The staff here are probably going to ask me to move in soon if he doesn’t hurry up. Just as I order my second hot chocolate a very red, wet and out-of-breath Max stumbles through the door.

“I’m so sorry, Emily! I got off at the wrong bus stop,” he started explaining.

“Stop! It’s fine, honestly. Now what did you wanna tell me?”

“You’re never going to believe me when I say this…”


"Well, Joe is doing a channel shout out competition, and is willing to help the winners improve their channels! He announced this on his Twitter last night, it's your chance!"

I sighed, Max always was the optimistic one - "I have no chance, Max. Millions of people will enter."

"You never know.." He mumbled.

Why do I have a feeling he knows something I dont?




A/N -- FIRST YOUTUBE FANFIC! I hope you guys enjoy, it's a bit slow starting but stick with me because I have a good storyline! :) 

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