Just Me

As I walk up the steps I see a letter... I hear bottles breaking inside. Must be my mom again.... I hear yelling... I take the letter and walk inside... Then....



      "Ohh opps im Luke. Luke Hemmings. You may know me from 5SOS."

"Woah!! Thats where I know you!! What are you doing in Texas?!?!" 

"Well we decided to move to Cali. But we have a few months here as a vacation."

"Cool.. Anyways, Why did you take me out? I mean im just a girl who ran from her mom who just got arrested and is basically homeless."

"So? Does it matter that I asked a beautiful girl to lunch?" He says smiling.

"Heh thanks."

"So wanna come to my hotel room I mean I can't leave you here alone.."

"Uh. Ok."

We go back to the hotel..

"So in my room there is 2 rooms so you can sleep in the spare one over here" He says leading the way.

He leads me to a room next to his.

"Wow thanks so much for doing this... Nobody has before..." I say quietly.

"Well ill leave you here to get settled in..."

He walks out.

I lay down on the bed wondering about things.. I fall asleep soon.


                                                             Luke's POV


            After about an hour I go to check and see if she needs anything. She was asleep. I will admit I may have watched her for like 5 minutes...

"Shes so beautiful" I whisper to myself and go back to playing video games.

I hear footsteps and she appears at the archway separating the rooms.

"Hey sleeping beauty" I say playfully

"Yeah Yeah" She says while grinning.

"You hungry its almost 7:00 pm?" I say

"Yeah a little."

We go to a Pizza Hut across the street from the hotel.

                                                       Skylar's POV


"So where are the other boys?" I ask

"Oh we have separate rooms. Do you want to meet them?"

"Sure why not."

"They can be pretty annoying at times" He says while laughing.

After we finish pizza we go to the hotel to meet the boys.

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