Just Me

As I walk up the steps I see a letter... I hear bottles breaking inside. Must be my mom again.... I hear yelling... I take the letter and walk inside... Then....


2. Moving...

   When I get to school I see Kallie I immediately I run up.

"Kallie Kallie!" I yell as I push through the people on their way to first period.

"What Sky? You look worried.. Woahhhh what happened to your face???" Kallie says

"Nothing is wrong with my face.. Anyways, I found an eviction notice on my door yesterday.. and I have to move.."

"Omg... Please tell me not far!!"

"Its out of state in Texas not here.."


"Well I have to go...."

"No Sky wait!"


"What happened to your face?"

"I- I fell into a door nob" I say while running to first period.

"WE ALL KNOW THATS NOT TRUE SKY!!!!!" She yells as I keep running.

"Just leave it be Kalls!" I shout almost to class.

*Later when I get home*

I walk in the house to see nothing packed and nothing cleaned up..

"Mom we have a flight to Texas in 1 hour!! We hve to pack and clean!!!!" I say while glaring at her.

"Oh shut up and go pack I aint cleaning this shit up for nothing. They wanna evict you can forget about cleaning."

"Ughh" I walk to my room and put down my school stuff. I start packing.

I pack memories of me and Kallie, Me and my dad, and me and my mom when it was all the good times.

About 30 minutes later we go to the airport.

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