Just Me

As I walk up the steps I see a letter... I hear bottles breaking inside. Must be my mom again.... I hear yelling... I take the letter and walk inside... Then....


5. Meeting The Boys


                                                         Skylar's POV

                  As soon as we open the doors we see them fighting over Pizza


         "Uhh, Guys?" Says Luke

   They look up. One rushes over.

"Who is this?" He asks curiously.

"Oh this is Skylar." Luke responds.

"Oh well, Hey Skylar im Calum, and uh this is Michael but you can call him Mikey." He points to a boy with black hair. " And this is Ashton." He points to one with dirty blonde hair.

"Hey!!!" Ashton shouts with a mouth full of food.

"Hi" I say and smile.

"She's staying with me in the spare hotel room" Luke says and I allow him to explain why.

We talk for hours and hours. Soon it is late enough to go to our hotel room and sleep.


                                                                  Luke's POV

She seemed to get along with the boys. When we head to the room and we watch TV for a bit. Around 2 am we go to bed.

"Night Sky.." I say

"Goodnight Luke" She says smiling and goes off to bed.





SO SORRY short chapter UGHHH I ran out of ideas tell me what next!!!! Pleaasseee?  <333

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