Just Me

As I walk up the steps I see a letter... I hear bottles breaking inside. Must be my mom again.... I hear yelling... I take the letter and walk inside... Then....


3. Airport

     As soon as we got out of the bus we headed inside. It was a very tiny airport not much there everything was so close together. We waitied in line to put our bags in the bagging area. It felt like forever and better yet it was so packed with people it felt like a sauna and not the good feeling..

As soon as my mothers purse goes through the detector for any alcohol or drugs. 

      The beeper goes off. Well there goes my life. They find bottles of beer and drugs in her purse. No wonder she had a big one. She gets yanked to the side and arrested. Not only did my mom get arrested they say she has 5 years and to top that off I am now homeless. To escape my mom I took the flight. So here I am a 16 year-old girl sitting on a curve not knowing where anything is in Texas. I decided to walk and see what I would come to.

  "Ugh. Can this get any worse???" I say to myself.

"Actually yes it can" a voice says next to me.

"W-what? Who are you?!?" He seems familiar for some reason..

"Well lets not get to names come ill get you lunch"

"Uh ok"

I go to lunch with the boy. He is cute.

"So, may I know your name?" He says

"Uhh, Im Skylar."

"I like that name it suites you."

"Thanks. Yours?"


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