Just Me

As I walk up the steps I see a letter... I hear bottles breaking inside. Must be my mom again.... I hear yelling... I take the letter and walk inside... Then....


1. School e.eMy

    As I walk through the halls of Riverdale High, everyone stops and stares at me. The girl who is emo and has only 1 friend. As I walk into 1st period I take my seat in the back corner. People kept throwing paper my way and passing notes to me of how I was anorexic (which I am not) and how I have scars. I was so glad to finally escape that class. A few hours later at lunch. I walked up to get a salad. Of course I cant eat because my mom forgets to pay. Ugh another day with no lunch... My mom recently lost her job as a State Farm accountant.. Since I don't sit with anyone except for Kallie I go outside to a tree where me and her meet at lunch.


"Hey Skylar!!" Kallie says as she walks to me.

"Hey Kallie" i say back.

"Soooooo did you hear about Jake he got booted off the football team!! He was the star player!! I heard he lost his GF the cheerleading captin!! Omg!!" Kallie says laughing

"Wow.. Its gotta suck for him" I say

*Later when I get off school*


   As I walk up the steps to my house I hear beer bottles breaking..

"Ugh she must be drunk again.."

I look at the door and taped on there is a note the first words I read were


"This can't be happening"

I grab the piece of paper and walk inside.

"Mom did you.. Uh.. Know about this?" I say while sliding the piece of paper to her.

"Of course I did" She says sarcastically.

"Well then why was it on the door? You could have brought it in the house.. Ya' know? Dont just leave it up to your daughter.."

"Did you just backtalk me young lady??"

'' Leave me alone mom I have things to do..''

"Dont you walk away from me!"

"I just did"

My mom runs after me yelling. She catches me and beats me untill I pass out.

I wake up the next morning with a head ache I can't remember what happened after school yesterday..

I looked in the mirror and I had a black eye and dry blood and a cut on my lip.

I washed my face and tried to hide everything as much as possible And I ran out of foundation so I couldnt hide it very much.I get dressed in my acid wash skinny jeans with a Nirvana T-shirt and a hoodie and walked to school.

People stare in the hallways and keep pushing my limits. Eventually I break down crying and run to the bathroom. I lock myself in a stall and I cry more untill I realize I brung a blade. I take my razor blade and sliced into an uncut space on my wrist as the blood drips the pain stops. I clean up and return to class right on time.





Let me know what you want me to change!! <33333

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