Just Outside the Library Window


1. Just Outside the Library Window

She sits there in the silence,

Reading a book bound in black leather.

She looks up at the blazing fire,

The black logs burning upon it.


Then she turns her head to the library window,

And looks out into the scene beyond it.

She sees children and adults alike building frozen statues of people,

And other wintry things.


Her wide emerald eyes,

Filled up to the brim

With sadness and longing,

She's feeling so grim.


The shelves of leather bound books around her,

Urging her to run

And join in the fun.

Before it comes, the unwelcome Sun.


She slowly stirs and starts to rise,

The snow reflected in her eyes.

She sees some one and he looks at her.

She looks back down to the printed page,

Never had she felt this way.


And its snowing, still snowing,

Just outside the library window.

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