Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


5. You've got to be kidding me!

 Cadence's P.O.V.

        So after I had listened to Sam and Mikaela's conversation (and laughing my ass of.) I turned on my playlist on, and Centuries by Fall Out Boy came on. While I was jazzing out in the back seat we pull into the driveway and I hop out and change into my pajamas (picture above) and head off to bed

                what seems like minutes later, I am shooken awake my an unknown force. Well me not knowing what is waking me up, I punch it. I then here a grunt, I know who I just punched,




well that's what you get when you wake me up a 2am." I say groggily and in a matter of tacitly tone. (She looked at her digital clock.) 

                "Well I'm sorry we have a crisis." He said annoyed.

                "and that would be?" I question.

                " the car is being stolen we have to move, like NOW!" He practically screams at me. 

                " then let's go!" I say hastially. I throw on a different shirt. Cause I like these shorts.  It a purple shirt with an infinity sign on it. One of my favorites. I then sprint to the door and here Sam yell,

        "Dad call the cops!" He says while his voice breaks. Well I immeaditily take off. Like sprinting for my life, even though it isn't in danger, but when I'm angry or sad it improves my physical preformance. And when I'm listeningto music my endurance and skill improves. And I was in cross country for a few years and I did track for my first few years of middle school so I'm pretty fast. I've ran a mile in 4:43  at the begining of high Sam grabs his moms bike and I take off, and by the time he gets on the bike and onto the road, I'm already 500 yards ahead of him. 

                I'm almost on the cars bumper when the car makes a sharp left turn. I lose a little bit of ground, but make up for it, right now my lungs are screaming for air, so my rapid/controlled breathing isn't helping. I can almost touch the car when a train whistle goes off. this causes me to stop dead in my tracks. while I wait for the train to continue on its way, Sam catches up to me. he then asks me,

                        "did you get a visual of the guy." he questions

                        "No, wait what makes you think its a guy?" I ask

                        " because girls don't usually highjack cars" he says with a matter of factly tone. I just shrug my shouldets

                        im trying to find the car, but I want to be secretive about it so we can sneak up on the guy and get our car back. I find a metal pipe and get behind it. then at the same time me and Sam look over the pole only to find a giant robot? at this point I was very confused. and the fact that it has the same paint job as OUR car makes it even scarier. while im studying the "cars" features I hear Sam saying something, but I don't pay attention, but then I hear the words, "busty beauties" which causes my head to turn in his direction. I send him a weird glance and then say,



" what!?"

                " uncle Charles gave it to me, and it would be rude to turn down a gift." he says innocently. I literally do a face palm in front of the camera. he then shuts the phone and I say,

                " we've got to get out of here."

                " but, my ca...." I cut him off by saying

                " is an alien robot, that I don't think you want to be driving." he reluctantly agrees and we head off. I see a 'beware the dogs' sign and I turn around quietly and put a finger to my lips then point to the sign, Sam then gives me a thumbs up and we walk for about 3 yards, then Sam steps on a stick. alerting the  dogs who then start to chase after us,

                "nice going Sam."

                " im sorry." he says

                im way ahead of Sam for obvious reasons. and then out of nowhere a German Shepard comes up to me and bites my arm. And I end up falling and I'm momentarily mauled, my arms an and legs were bleeding. My adrenaline was pretty high so I put the pain into the back of my mind. and it hurts it looks like this ( ) I howl in pain but before the dog can come in for another attack I punch him between the eyes and say

                " that's what you get ya dumb bastard." and I examine my arm while running. which is very difficult, I see Sam with a bunch of other  dogs on his tail. ( the puns XD )

                " Sam over here." I yell at him.

                " coming." he screaks like a little girl. I hold in a laugh we stand up on a barrel looking thing and the car circles I start screaming bloody murder and Sam throws the keys and the car, then the cops show up, and then we, the innocent one, get arrested

                                                HOW WONDERFUL






sorry for the delayed update, but I promise im trying, I also have an another story up  called, " will you be my honeybee" bumble bee story, just if your interested    and it would also be great if you could follow me on Wattpad ( if you have on) @Horselady8723

                        Thx for reading :L

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