Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots



    I got home and got into my running clothes and I see Sam on the phone talking to Miles I take the phone and press end call, 

"Calm down Sam."

Then we hear the cars engine and I scream 


I take off while Sam grabs moms bike and rides away leaving me behind, but then he comes up on a construction site and does a flip over a concrete slab sticking out of the sidewalk 

" Sam?" Mikaela questions

"Rhi" Sam says sounding like scooby do

"That was uh really awesome,"

"Well it felt awesome"Sam mumbles and I can't hear the rest of what he says but when I run past Mikaela i  shrug 

And chase after him, but then I loose him, and end up taking a wrong turn and start looking for him and I eventually see him after 15 minutes in our car with Mikaela and I shout over to him,

"GUYS OVVERR HERE WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!" And our car comes  and gets me, and before I knew it we were going through a stain glass window. And we start to swerve and I realize there's a cop chasing us 

"Great Sam what did you do this time?" I scream at him

" the cop is an alien who is trying to kill us!" Sam shouts.

Then the car pulls up to a warehouse and everyone gets quiet, the doors lock and the car wasn't starting

"Were locked in." But I cut him off,

" nah shit sherlock!"

But then the ccop car passes us and our car starts then takes off, catching the cop car by surprise, the our care transformers, but then ot of no where the cop car lunges at our car, then the cop car comes at us and a baby pops out of his chest and comes at us, and we run for our lives, when the demon comes and grabs Sam by his ankles pulling off his pants causeing me wanting to laugh and scream at the same time but I follow Mikaela to a garage and we rumage through the shelves my hands shaking and then Mikaela fiends a tool eqquiped too take the demon out

" lets go, HURRY CADENCE!"


We see Sam screaming and attempting to fight the robot and Mikaela takes her newly found weapon and proceeds to stabs the demon over and over again 

Then Sam takes his anger ok on the little devil by kicking its head across the field and I give him a high five , and then we head off to find our car, it only takes us a few minutes,

" its a robot." Sam clarifies

" nah shit Sherlock"

"you didn't let me finish, its a super advanced robot."

" oh im so sorry Mr. Smarty Pants."

" well its most likely Japanese, yea definitely Japanese."

" racist " I mutter under my breath

" what are you doing?" Mikaela asks Sam as he starts to walk up the hill

" are you stupid or something?"

" I don't think it wants to hurt us, if it did it would've done it already." he does have a point there.

" really, do you speak robot cause they just had a droid death match."

" I think it wants something from me."  Sam says

" stop being over dramatic Sam everything isn't all about you." I snap

" well the other one was talking about my Ebay page" show off

" you are by far the strangest boy I have ever met." Mikaela said

" and I second that." I reply

Sam walks closer to our car and says,
" can you talk?"

and the car responds using the radio, I could barely tell what he was saying but Sam got it

" s-so you talk through the radio?'" nah duh Sam

" your wonderful, your wonderful" our car says while clapping his hands

" what was that last night?" Sam questions

our car starts using stations to say his captain sent him her from outer space? I don't even know

" what are you like a alien or something?" Mikaela asks, I nudge her shoulder not the best question to ask right  now, then the car points in our direction and begins to transform back into a car.

and says,

" anymore questions you wanna ask?"


alright lovelies im gonna end it here, hope you enjoyed im going to try to have another update up tomorrow, but ill try my best, tell me what you think, and ideas im willing to listen :L talk to you guys later :)

~Cassandra out

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