Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


6. stupid cops

Cadence's P.O.V.

                when the cops showed up we were arrested. they forcefully tugged at us, clearly angry. what did Sam do? to get the cops after us like this! its was a short drive to the police station, but it was too early for interrogations, so they threw us each in a separate cell. and we waited I took a 5 minute nap. when I woke up there was a cop standing at my cell,

        " up and adam, time to see why you were out last night. as I get up I realized im in a small pool of blood, my blood. I scream, but no too loudly. then a group of people including Sam come to see what's wrong, when he sees the blood he almost faints. the cops don't do anything except call the custodian. by the time he gets there im already being interrogated, the cop says,

                "so what were you guys doin last night, sneaking away from the house to have a good time." he says while wiggling his eyebrows. I make a disgusted face.  

                "no our car transformed." I said defending ourselves

explain that to me."

                " our car stood up."  Sam replied bluntly

                  " do you mean a wheelie or something." the cop questions

                " no I cant be any clearer than how crystal clear I am being it just stood up."





   "then what are these?" he says like he knows something

                        " they are our dogs pain pills, just it case you cant read there is a veterinary tag on the side of the bottle." I say with a smirk cause he knows im right. I see Sam glance at the cops gun... bad move.

                        " you eyeballing my piece 50 cent, do something make it happen cause I promise I will bust you up.

                        I look to Sam and he looks back at me  and at the same time we say

                        " are you on drugs?" and I cant contain my laughter any longer so I roll around on the floor laughing. then the cop dismisses us, not wanting a drug test himself.

                                        " that was hilarious "   I say while out of breath.



sorry its short, I had a bad day and I wasn't in happy mood hope you enjoyed it, tell me what you think :)


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