Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


10. Sector 7

      l"Cadence, we are here." Optimus said, which woke me up.

        " thank you Optimus." I said with a sweet smile

        " anytime Cadence." he replied and I got out of the Peterbuilt    

I found Sam talking to Mikaela, and I yelled at him,

" lets go its almost past curfew!" and we sprinted off to the front door, I tried to sneak through the back, so I wouldn't get yelled at by Uncle Ron, but I ran into Aunt Judy,

" honey, your three minutes late, why is that?" she asked nicely

"Sam ran into some traffic, the light decided not to change for 10 minutes." I lied, I don't like lying but what was I supposed to tell her? that we found a bunch of big alien robots? I didn't think so,

" oh ok honey, you should change your clothes are a bit dirty."

" thanks Aunt Judy I will."      )
and I changed into this (

when I hear a commotion, and  come down stairs to find Sam, Mikaela, and Uncle Ron talking to some creepy dude.

" ah she's here, kids I need you to come with me." creepy says, I aint going anywhere with that dude, he could be a murder or a rapist for all I know.

"woah woah,  way outta line!" Uncle Ron says

"sir, im asking politely, back off." creepy says

"your not taking my son or my niece." Uncle Ron retorts.

"so your going to try and get rough with us?" creepy questions

" no but im gonna call the cops cause there's something fishy going on here." Uncle Ron replies

"well there's something a little fishy about you, your niece, your son, your taco bell dog and this whole operation you got going on here." he says with a smirk

" what operation?" Uncle Ron asks

" that's what we're here to find out" Creepy says, when a co-worker comes up to creepy and whispers something into his ear that I cant quite make out.

"Son, step forward." creepy asks

"just stand?" Sam questions. and he then holds a machine up to Sam and then it starts buzzing like crazy

" you too little lady." and I step forward and hen the machine starts smoking

" the girl almost broke the scale, bingo! tag em and bag em." we are  then put into handcuffs and escorted to an SUV

" kids don't say anything, not until we get a lawyer!" Uncle Ron exclaims

"so uh, ladiesman217, that is your Ebay username right?" creepy asks how in the world does he know all of this stuff.

" uh yea ut it was a typo and I ran with it." I rolled my eyes that's Sam for ya

"what do you make of this then?" and creepy plays the recording of the night me and Sam first found Bumblebee

" yea that sounds like ladiesman." Mikaela says irritated. now is not the time to fight, but apparently they don't understand that.

"last night at the station you told the officer that your car transformed, enlighten me." creepy dares

" actually, what happened was, our car hit a blown transformer, ya know the electrical power lines." I retort, for once a good comeback I think to my self

" you in the sparkles don't test me." creepy says

" I wouldn't wan to." I mumble and Creepy sends me an evil glare, and then punches me in the face, causing blood to pour out of my nose, and I hold back tears due to he pain

"but now everything is solved cause my car came back." Sam says not noticing his screw up

" well not by itself." Mikaela adds in

" cause cars don't do that, because that would be crazy!" I butt in, trying to save the Autobots identity. and we all fake laugh

" so what do you kids know about aliens?" creepy asks

" what like a marshan,  ET pft no." Sam replies

" actually its an urban legend." Mikaela adds

"it actually cam from Norse mythology, " I lie

" you see this, its a do whatever I want and get away with it badge. im gonna lock you up, forever." creepy says angry

" actually I don't believe you can do that because the department of justice cant arrest someone unless they have a case that can be presented to a court of law." I spit, I may not be the smartest girl in the world but I do know my rights

"and now you don't have to worry cause now that he can arrest us, hes just pissy that he has to go back to guarding the mall." Mikaela retorts with a smirk on her face.

"you girls, don't test me, and not you in the training bra, especially with you daddys   parole coming up." he says slyly

" what parole?" Sam questions

" its nothing." Mikaela says wanting to avoid the topic

" uh grand theft auto that aint nothing." man w hy does she have to spill that, that's  not cool.

" that information is confidential you cant reveal that without permission!" I yell but no one listens

" you know those cars my dad always taught me how to fix, well they weren't always his."

" you stole cars?" Sam asks obviously not knowing what grand theft auto means

" well my dad couldn't always afford a babysitter so sometimes he had to tag me along." Mikaela reveals and I immediately feel sorrhy for her.

" and shes got her own juvie record to prove it, shes a criminal and criminals are hot, especially their friends," he says eyeing me and Mikaela up. gross

but then the machine  almost busted earlier starts to beep and I forget what creepy is saying and concentrate on the buzzer when all of a sudden the car comes to a quick stop by some unknown force but I think I have a pretty good idea on what it is. and then Optimus's hand come into the car an pry the hood off of the vehicle. and by now everyone is freaking out trying to stay alive

"you bitch ass mother fuckers are in some deep shit now." I whisper to creepy

"Gentleman I want to introduce you to my friend Optimus Prime." I say happily but in a serious tone

"taking the children was a bad move." Optimus says in his deep baritone voice clearly mad at the people who took us.  

" autobots! relieve them of their weapons!" Optimus shouts to his comrades. and Jazz takes their weapons with a magnet. and Optimus comes down to Creepys level and stars him straight into his eyes

" hi there" creepy said trying to regain his composure

" you don't seem afraid, are you not surprised to see  us?"  Optimus questions

"look, there are S7 protocols, alright im not authorized to communicate with you except to tell you that I cannot communicate with you." he stutters out

"get out of the car." Optimus says VERY angrily when he sees my face all bloody

" NOW!" he barks at the people in the car, and I get out and stand my Sam and Mikaela.

" so your good with handcuffs too." Sam taunts Mikalea as she starts to remove out handcuffs which were put on very tightly

" you weren't supposed to hear all of that. " she retorts.

"Sam I have a record cause I went and turned my dad in, when have you ever had to sacrifice anything in your perfect little life?" she responds, that would take some guts to do that, I mean turn your own dad in sheesh

"what is sector 7?" I ask while poking him in the chest

"answer her!" Sam yells back

" im the one supposed to be asking questions her no you young man!" he yells at Sam

" how did you know about the aliens?" Mikaela asks

" where did you take my parents?

" who sent you here?" I ask

" I am not at liberty to answer any of those questions." he says

" hey! you touch me that's a federal offense." he tells Sam as he reaches for creepys badge

" what are you a germophobe?" I taunt

"do whatever you want and get away with it badge right?" ad he looks at it while im too busy looking at everything else especially Optimus, did he really like me? oh well another matter for another time

" really brave all of a sudden with your big alien friends standing around huh?"

" what is sector 7?" Sam tries again

" wouldn't you like to know?" he retorts

when bee reaches to his lower zone, I blush looking away, and then out of the corner of my eye I start to see bee peeing and creepy starting screaming like a wild hyena

" Bumblebee stop lubricating the man." Optimus order and bee just shrugs and stops by pulling some sort of lever but I was really looking that closely

"Alight tough guys take it off." Mikaela says

" what are you talking about?" creepy says confused

" you clothes all of it off." she orders

"for what!" Creepy asks offended 

"For threating my dad." She starts chocking up a little

" young lady this is the begining of the end of your life." He growls

"Your a crminal huh hu face the facts its in your gene pool." He says angered more than before

" those are nice." Mikaela adds pointing to his boxers

"Now get behind the pole." She orders

"This is such a felony what your doing." His partner adds

"I will hunt you down." He taunts

"Hunt you down." Sidekick echis

"Without any remorse."

"No remore."  He echos again

"Alright ill give polly a cracker if he shuts up." I say innocently 

"Oh Sam wait I forgot something." 

"What?" he asks, and I run up to creepy and punch him right in the nose and say to him,

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." And I run off getting a high five from Sam and Mikaela  

"Optimus incoming!" Ironhide shouts as helicopters and government cars begin to roll in.

"Roll out!" Optimus yells. And everyone begins to drive off.

"up you get." Optimus says and offers us his hand up to his shoulder and we hold on for dear life as he runs through the streets. And then Optimus crawls up into a concrete bridge and we hide being as silent as we possibly can. With the helicopters flying below us.

"Easy you three" he says to us not wanting us to fall and then Mikaela loses her footing and falls but not before grabbing Sam in the process. But he's stunned to the point where he grabs me and I begin to fall but I catching myself on one of Optimus' pipes, and I hold on for dear life, but I'm not  THAT strong and end up letting go but Optimus trys to break our fall by trying to use his feet to catch us. But its to no avail.

"Opimus!" I scream as I'm falling but then, time seems to slow down, and as I'm tumbling my back starts to tickle. And when I look at my back I see........


I scream, why the fuck do I have angel wings, but they do slow my fall and when I'm feet from hitting the ground I flap my wings out of desperation to survive I shoot upwards, but I don't hit my head on the bridge, THANK GOD!!! I'm still not adjusted to my wings just yet I mean I JUST got them less than a minute ago and I start to fall but Optimus catches me.

"Cadence are you alright?" he asks

" I guess just a little woozy." I reply honestly

" Well Cadence im sorry but I have to let you go with Sam and Mikaela because the autobots will be hysterical if they do not have me with them." he says sadly

" I understand your team needs you, but one more thing." I ask

"yes, Cadence?" he asks

" don't forget to remember me." I say thinking about our conversation earlier, and he smiles

" I could never forget you Cadence" and with that he puts me on the ground, transforms and heads off to find his autobots.  but when I find Sam and Mikaela im sad to Sam and Mikaela in the SUV handcuffed.

" oh shit!" I say to my self, what are they going to do with me? and hen out of nowhere a net is shot at me, but I get so angry that it blows up.

"DONT YOU DARE TOUCH ME!!" I scream and when they shoot bullets at me I put up a blue transparent force field  and fly upwards and eventually they stop shooting I fly back to the ground turn off the shield and say,

" if you cooperate with me ill cooperate with you." I say with fire somehow in my hands, it doesn't hurt or burn but it has a nice warm feel to it.

" that means no poking or prodding keeping me with Sam and Mikaela and I will NOT become a human experiment, understood." I say nicely. they all nod in fear and I put my hands to be handcuffed, because hey I said I would cooperate and I keep my promises. but when they bring bee over I start crying, why did they have to do that to him

he's not even fighting back! but I cant do anything because they've put VERY secure hand cuffs on me. so all I can do now is cry and pray for everyone's safety.


alright that was a long update, but it was well worth it, so do you like her powers? I didn't think they had much description, so here's a little more info


they showed up because her life was in danger so her body made her wings come out now because they weren't necessary for her until this point

force field: with her anger and with her life in danger she got this abilities from primus ( spoiler alert) she got her control of the elements and other abilities from primus whom she will meet in the second book


so for now try not to question her powers, they will be furtherly explained in the future, and im going to try to get another update up today but im not 100% sure yet

see you later my lovelies

~Cassandra out

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