Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


3. My back story

 Cadence's P.O.V.

                                so yeah Sam decided to get a car, well its both of ours, but its ok im used to being left out. my life has been that way since i was 7.

                                             ~ FLASHBACK~

(im gonna tell the story just cuz i feel its important) we were at the county fair and my mom and dad were mean but i was so young that i thought it was just a part of life, we were waiting to ride a ride when dad went and got a beer, my dad started becoming angry and i didn't understand why. so we left early. when we got in the car i started asking why we left and my dad said,

                " Cadence what is your problem you dumb helpless bastard we never even wanted you anyway, so HEY Cadence did you see the purple butterfly?" i eagerly looked out side while the rain was pouring down. then he said

                        " go get it Cadence and bring back to me." he said with an evil grin

                        so i get out of the car and look around the meadow that surrounded the road but saw nothing. then I hear the tires screech across the pavement. and I saw that my parents had left me. I started to cry, I looked down the road but I couldn't find the car. I must've aged a couple years in that time (mentally) so I now had the feelings of a 12 year old. I was walking by the highway when I came upon a sort of a small town. my feet couldn't take me any farther so I sat down by a stop sign in front of a convenient store and began to cry. by this point my clothes were covered in grass stains and had quite a few holes, as did my shorts. then I heard some commotion behind me. I looked up to see 3 people a male and female somewhere in their 30s and then a boy who looked to be about my age. the woman came up to me and said,

                        " Aw honey what are you doing out here in the rain, where are your parents?" as she says this I start to cry again

                        " they left me on the highway and I walked here." I replied while sobbing.

                        " well, if they left you do you want to come live with us?" Judy says hopefully

                        " Judy, we cant just take in the girl off the street!" he whisper yells, but I still hear it tough

                         " you would do that for me?" I reply while my voice is cracking.

                        " well we just cant leave you hear, something could happen to you." Judy replies sincerely

                        " I guess we can have room for one more." we all then start to smile I get up shakily and start to hug them.

                        " so I have a new sister now." the boy my age replies

                        " yes Sam, yes you do." then we all get into their car and start to head off to their car.

                                                                        ~END OF FLASHBACK~

                        As the years went on I eventually  fall into a deep depression, why did my parents abandon me? did Ron and Judy take me in out of self pity? did they really love me? I will truly never know but my life had its ups and downs. But there was one thing  I never got, love. that is what I wanted most  in life. but all the people told me in time love would come. but now im in 11th grade and no one seems to love me for me. will I just grow old and die alone? the world may never know.

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