Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


8. Meeting Optimus

    "C'mon guys lets go, we have to get home somehow!"

"He wants us to get in the car." Sam says bluntly 

"And go where? " Mikaela says laughing

" fifty years from now, when your looking back at your life don't you wanna say you had the guys to get in the car?"

" well played sam, well played." I say to him

And I run to the car and jump into the drivers seat, a Mikaela had to sit where the cup holders were, and Sam was in the passengers seat

And Sam hops out and gets his stuff as well as Mikaela's, and we head to the highway. After awhile Mikaela says,

"This cars a pretty good driver."

"Yeah" i reply

"Why dont you sit in the back?" Sam asks

"Because all of our stuff is back there." Mikaela retorits

"Then why dont you sit in my lap?"  Sam stutters

" why." She says a little irrtated 

"Cause I got the only other seat belt, safety first."

" yea your right." 

"I'm right?!" Sam sayes not believing he was right 

" ya know, Sam that see at belt thing was a pretty smooth move." I point out. But then I become aware of my own loneliness, see this is what in mean Sam probably found love before I did which is quite depressing.

"Ya know what i dont uunderstand?" Mikaela asks

"What?" I reply

"If hes supposed to be this super advanced alien robot does he have to transform into this piece of crap Camaro?" 

"What?!". I yell as our car skids to a stop in the middle of the road.

"See you you him off." Sam says angrily

"Great how the fuck are we gonna get home now?" I say pissed off

" our four thousand dollar car just drove off." Sam shouts clearly still pissed off.

After a couple minutes of arguing we see a 2007 chef Camaro pull up, this can't be our car? Can it? I hop in the drivers side and Sam and Mikaela become two PDA offenders in the passenger seat.( just cuddling, jeez you dirty minded people.)

After about 15 minutes of driving we pull up to our destation, I have no clue where we are but then metors start shooting out of the sky, and me being me I decide to count them 1...2.....3.....4 so while four big balls of fire are shooting out of the sky Sam finds a way to be lovey dovey with Mikaela 

And I just lean on bees hood, watching the amazing event take place. But I notice that one metor is bigger than the others, that one must be important. And in the distance I can hear explosions, from the metors and we follow the biggest one to its landing site, and it transforms but before we knew it we were whisked away into bumble bee, into a deserted alleyway, 

As soon a we gget out a big semi pulls out infront of us and begins to transforms while the semi transforms other vehicles begin to roll in. but I cant seem to take my eyes of the semi, with its blue and flame colored paint job it was stunning, this must be the leader, it has to be. When he was finished transforming he said

"Are you Samuel James Witwicky and Cadence Celeste Harmony, descendants of Captain Archibald Witwicky?"

"Yes." I reply for the both of us

"My name is Optimus prime, we are atimnonous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron." Big vocablary, for a big robot, he sounds intelligent with that deep baritone voice.

"But you can call us autobots for short." The yellowish greenish one adds in

"Autobots" Sam says trying out the new word

"what's crackin lil bitches." The phorse said

"My first luietnut, designation Jazz." Oh so that must me his name Jazz, hm has a nice ring to it.

"This looks like a cool place to kick it." Jazz says and then jumps onto another car.

"Wait how did you guys learn to talk like that." Sam asks

"We learned Earths lanuauges through the World Wide Web."

"Hey, Sam you should try that sometime so you can graduate high school." I say with a snicker 

"My weapons speaclist Ironhide," he says while gesturing to the GMC toppick 

"Feeling luck punk." Ironhide taunts

"Yeah, lucky that you sights on those arent as high tech as your cannons." I retort noticing there are no sights on any of his weapons

" Optimus i think this femme is a keeper, she knows her stuff." Ironhide compliments

"Duely noted, Ironhide." Optimus replies causing me to smile

" our medical officer, Ratchet." Optimus introduced and Ratchet sniffed?

" hmm, the boys pheromone levels suggest he wants to mate with the female." And I try to hold in a laugh while Sam whistles awkwardly and Mikaela scratches her head

"And it seems the femme has an injury." Oh shit i had forgotten about it until now, I look down to my bit arm and scratched legs.

" oh, um, I'm fine." I stutter out

"Im afraid you are not as fine as you seem, let me take a look. Ratchet complies

"Fine I mumble.

I start to walk over to Ratchet, but Optimus beats me to it.

"May I give you a lift?" He asks nicely

"Yes you may Optimus Prime," I say back politely 

" you can just call me Optimus." Aand with that he sets me down gently into Ratchets hand.

"Thank you Optimus." I say and smile sweetly at him. 

And then Ratchet gets to work on me. First he grabs a needle and I shudder, I'm deathly afraid of needles, but I feel the needle poke my skin but that's it, it was virtually painless, and he took a small roll of guaze and wraps it around my arm, and it smells good, like a lavender 

" now im going to give you instructions on how to take care of the wound, but you can read them later," he says and hands me a slip of paper, and since he said to read it later I folded it and put it in my pocket. 

"Thank you Rarchet i feel  alot better." I wave to him

"Your welcome Cadence." And Optimus continues with the intros.

"You already know your guardian Bumblebee." Optimistic replies not taking his eyes off of me causing me to blush and turn my head. And then Bumblebee begins to dance playing some pump music while doing so.

"So your my guardian." Sam says, 

"What about me?" I ask?

Optimus looks at me, and then at his teamates, and Ratchet winks att him (as a sign not a flirt GOSH PEOPLE.) 

"I am your guardian Cadence, i cannot put that much pressure on Bumblebee." I silently scream a yes! To myself

"I understand" i say while smiling

"His vocal processors were damaged in battle, I'm still working on them." Ratchet says while shooting a beam at bumblebees vocal chords 

"Why are you here?" Mikaela asks

"We are here looking ffor the allspark." Optimus replies

"And we must find it before Megatron." He adds

"Mega-what?" Sam questions 

And Optimus touches his temple causing a hologram to appear, which looks real life,

Which turned out to be a very sad story where our grandfather found Megaton in the ice and somewhat revived him, and that the way to find the cube was on our grandfathers glasses

"How did you know about his glasses?"  Sam asks

" Ebay." Optimus replies

"Good job Sam look what you did now." I yell at him

"If the decepticons find the allspark they will use its power to transform Earths machines and build a new army." Ratchet adds

"And the human race will be extingused." Optimus adds

"Sam Witwicky and Cadence Harmony, you hold the key to Earths survival." Wow that's a big weight on our shoulders. 

" please tell me you have the glasses." Mikaela adds hastily

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~

Alright thats it fofor this chapter, im working on another one now, I'm so happy that this story is getting as popular as it is thank you guys so much, and don't be afraid to tell me what you think :) 


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