Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


12. End of book 1

            "Cadence your  over reacting he's gonna be fine!" he's right he take down a puny con, besides he cant forget me he promised.

And then we were in the city.when finally air force had arrived

"Its starscream." Well fuck this shit then. We need to protect the cube, if Megatron  gets it, we will be extinct, i cannot let that happen.

"Everyone ge back, take cover." Ironhide yells and ththen they grab a furby's truck? When a missle comes at them and there's a huge explosion and we are all thrown back a few feet. When i look up the furby truck is blown up and i see bee whining in pain,

"Bee your leg! Are you alright." I yell

"Get up." Sam says

"Sam he  cant get up, he's missing a leg for petes sake! bee relax,.Ratchet will be here soon." I say as i try to comfort bee

Then a tank starts shooting

"Will someone find out what the fuck is friendly and what isn't?!" I scream to anyone who is listening

"Im not gonna leave you." Sam says,to bee and bee holds up the cube and i get what he mean

"Sam bee will be fine, his leg can be fixed but if megatron gets the cube." I don't even finish that sentance, it cant happen, i wont let it. Sam took the cube, and then gave it to me,

"Hold it for a second." Sam says bluntly and bends down to tie his shoe

"Seriously Sam?" I say bluntly, he is more dramatic than i am, and that's saying something 

Ironhide then does some killer moves on the must say all of them are pretty badass.

And then Megatron shows up.

"Sam Cadence, help me with this, and she wants to put bee on a tow truck,.which is a good idea but will be hard to put together, and in the middle of helping bee we are called by Lennox, to move our immeaditly 

"ok i cant leave my guys back there, so take this both of you, they're flares,there's a tall white building that gots statues on top, Got to the roof set the flare signal the chopper."

"No, no, no" Sam says, what a wimp he could be fighting instead of running good lord.

"Listen to me your a soldier now, alright? I need you guys to take this cube, get it into military hands while we fight them off. There are gonna be a lot of people who die today." Lennox tells Sam

"I may not have the cube bit im going with Sam, he needs all the protection he can get, and i wont do much on the field." I tell Lennox and he nods in approval. And Mikaela goes to save bee with the tow truck, Lord help us all.

"Sam, Cadence  we will protect you both." Ironhide says

"Okay." Sam said

"Thanks hide." I say to him. He nods his head, ok what's the deal with people nodding their heads are they to lazy to talk or something?

"Sam get to the building." Ironhide says while he's talking to Mikaela, im already a few yards ahead but im just seeing what's going on, people are laying dead everywhere, its sad really, Megatron WILL pay for this. amd we take off, bullets shooting everywhere

"Cadence wait up!" Sam yells

"Sorry i forgot about my super-speed." I yell back, wait if i have super speed, then is my flying super fast? I've gotta test this out

"Sam get on my back!" I yell he looks at me in a weird way but does it anyway, he hangs on for dear life when my wings come out, red with anger and adrenaline and i fly,.fast as i can go, and its pretty fast but we're not out of harms way yet

"Cadence watch out!" I hear Ironhide yell, a bullet went right through my left wing, and i fell immeadility, well i guess its back to running

"Plan B!" I yell at Sam

"Whats that?!" He yells back

"Start running like a chicken with its head cut off." And he laughs a little but then we sprint for our lives

When a helicopter lands in front of us, but Ironhide shields us from the blast, but he goes unscathed 

"Keep moving Sam, hurry Cadence!" Ironhide yells the pain from my wing slowed me down a little bit but i quickly make up for lost ground thanks to super speed 

I hope Optimus is alright, 

"Dont stop!" Ironhide yells and we don't, we run faster than humanely possible, well Sam did anyway, 

"SAM WATCH OUT!" I shriek as starscream lads in front of us, but then covers his ears(?) So i have a super sonic voice too!! Amazing! 

Cadence calm down you can get excited later, but in order to prevent a harsh landing i use my elemental powers and create a wall of water, and it hit instead on the pavement which protects us from injury,

And we watch the fight until its safe to move, now im all wet, in the middle of an alien war,.aand ratchet is taking some pretty bad blows, but starscream is still living, bit retreats

"Sam hurry get to the building!" Ironhide yells again clearly mad at us for not running 24/7 and we take off again but i keep my where its matching Sam's so he doesn't push any harder than he already is. When Megatron appears out of nowhere

"Give me the cube boy!" Megatron yells, but i shoot a ball of electricity at him slowing him down momentarily in the midst of it all we have to avoid civilians, cars, megatron, and also Megatron, with a little bit more of MEGATRON! But Sam falls and the cube touches the ground and a few machines come to life but we are long gone before they can hurt us

"Oh shit, forget about them just keep running.". I tell Sam,.as i shoot Megaton with some more electricity 

"Easy for you to say, you have super powers." He says wheezing, He's in so much stress right now

We finally make into building, but were not out of the water yet, wait water that's it.

"Sam ggrab my hand once we make it to the starcase.! I yell and he nods, people stop with the nod dong its weird!

"Your not gonna get me." Sam starts saying over and over again.

"Well he ain't getting me either!" I yell and we made it to the staircase, and Sam grabs my hand and i shoot a pillar of water up until we are at one of the highest floors, and continue our trek which would make Olympic sprinters proud. 

"I smell you!" Megatron yells which causes us to run faster if possible because we know he's in the building.

And when were on the second highest floor Megatron comes out of the woodwork and almost catches us, i look behind me and see the hole in mt wing, and its big! Big enough to fit Sam's head through! I hope Ratchet can fix that. 

"Holy shitfuck he's right there! I ain't dying today bitches!" I yell to Sam and we recover from our stumble and begin sprinting..... again. My lungs are.aching screaming.for air, and calves are.burning, but i keep going lives are at stake, in a desperate attempt to shake off Megatron i shoot a bunch of elements at him 

Water, on the floor,
Fire, in his face
Electricty, at his spark
Wind, to turn up the floorboards

It buys us a little time but not much, so we continue running, and when there is another flight of stairs i use the pillar of water again. And make it to the top. Finally

"We made it Sam pop the flare," his was red and mine was purple! Yay

"There's the helicopter!!" Sam yells. And we along close to it when i see starscream our of the corner of my eye, and we miss the copter. Shit i shoot some electricity at him, and he al most falls off when i hear a familiar voice

"Hang on, Sam, Cadence!" He yells i practically jump with joy but i don't, while Optimistic is jumping buildings we are trying to stay away from Megatron who is too close for comfort at this point. But we make a beeline for Optimus.        

"no,.no!" I screech and we are forced to hide behind statues, bit Megatron thinks Sam has the cube, so i use my elemantal power of wind to momentarily fly, and use that time to get the allspark and make it to another pillar, i chose the one closest to Sam for ovibous reasons.

"Is it fear our courage that compells you fleshlings?" Megatron asks by this point my heels are off the edge im not afraid of heights but this situation is terryfing 

"Give me the allspark, and i may let you live to be my pet." Megatron offers

"We're never giving you the allspark!" i yell back

"but if you femme give me the cube you will be so much more than a pet." He says while licking his lips, gross.

"Sorry but hell Naw! This is my allspark, and besides im taken!" I yell back and i think to Optimus, i haven't even known him for a week but i still love him dearly. he promised he wouldn't forget me so if i die today, i will always have a place in his life. 

"Oh so unwise.".Megatron says and takes out the pillars that me and Sam were on. 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". I scream as im falling only to see Sam flailing around like a fish, but i.cant i will protect this allspark with my life, i will not be the reason we become extinct so i huddle there wings around me to the best j can manage with a gaping hole in it.

"Uh i got you." Optimistic says

"OPTIMUS!!! YOUR ALIVE!!!!" i yell and he smiles hearing my voice 

"Yes Cadence i cannot die now, I must be present for what the future holds." He says quickly 

"Make me on more promise Optimus!" I yell

"What would that be, Cadence?" He says preparing for something

"Come me!!!!" I scream as he jumps of the building with a loud and proud

"I PROMISE!!!!!' He yells.

"Now dont loose the cube!!!!! Hold on!" He yells putting on his battle mask and we gone! I wrap my body around the cube so im positive i don't loose it. i didn't wa t to disappoiment Optimus, not now not ever. And with that we continue tumbling over building secure in Optimus's grip. 

"OPTIMUS LOOK OUT!!!!!! I yell. But before i knew it Megatron was jumping onto Optimus, and in that moment i didn't know if we were going to make it, but i was  praying that we would be ok. And we land with a gut wrenching thud that sounded like it hurt, a lot

" you risked your lives to protect the cube." Optimus said bewildered. I looked at Sam and we knew what we were gonna say,

"No sacrifice no victory." We.said at the same time

"If I cannot defeat Megatron you must push the cube into my chest. I will sacrifice myself." My eyes begin to well up with tears at his words

"But Optimus we need you here, i need you here, you promised." I whispered the last part quietly but im sure he heard it

"It is a nesscary action to save this world from what happened to Cybertron i would not wish that grief on any other life form." He said a wiped a tear off my cheek. I smiled but it was short lived because Megatron ruined it.

"Now get behind me" He said clearly weak from all the hits he had taken. 

"Its just you and me, Megatron." Optimus said in a challenging tone

"No its just me prime." Megatron growled. me and Sam hid in an open sewer line but i had to do something

"Sam I have to do something.".i said quietly

"What can you do? This is Optimus' fight, He wouldn't want help.".sam clarified

"Your right." so I watched the battle.

"At the end of this day, one shall rise, and one shall fall." He so u need so heroic when he talked like that, no wonder he was chosen to be a prime.

"You still fight for the weak, that is why you loose!" Megatron yells

"Now we HAVE to do something!" I screech, while Megatron and Optimus are fist fighting i see a dececpticon o down.and Megatron throws Optimus, hes gonna ask us to kill him any second now so i give Sam the cube and start shooting electritcty at Megatron when the F22's show up. 

"THANK THE LORD FOR AIR FORCE!" I yell no nobody. Sam is running to Optimistic when Megatron shows up but Optimus trips him before he gets Sam. But i See him about to sacrfice Optimus, if it can kill Optimistic then it sure as hell can kill Megaton. 

"Sam put the cube in my chest now!" Optimus begs, but i got another plan

"Dont do it Sam!" ButBut rithat before Sam can sacrifice Optimistic i use my super speed and grab the cube before it kills him and i slide on the pavement when i hear,

"No Cadence what are you doing!?!" Optimus yells

"Saving the planet!" I yell and shove the allspark into Megatron's chest., a hole forms in Megatrons chest and then he's dead.

"You left me no choice brother." Optimus replied, wait so he and that tin can are related? Well now we know who got the good looks in the family.

"Sam, Cadence i owe you my life, we are in your debt." Optimus says truthfully.

"No its fine Optimus i just did what was right, you promised me you wouldn't die remember?" I say with a smile, which earns a half smile from him. He should smile more often

Mikalea amd bee show up, and Sam and Mikaela stare at each other like idiots, but at least they have one another, and i physically sigh, they were in love so deeply that it hurts. I just wish i had that with someone.

"Cadence are you alright?" I hear Optimus ask and im ripped from my train of thought

"Yeah, uh, i, im fine." I manage to stutter out but it doesnt sound convincing.

"Just know im always here for you to talk to Cadence." And he flashes me one of those rare smiles that i have grown to love.

" prime, we couldnt save him." Ironhide said as he held the two pieces of Jazz, i didn't know Jazz very well but he seemed like a good bot, and was quite funny.

"Oh Jazz, we lost a great comrade but gained new ones, thank you all of you, you honor us with your bravery. " Optimus says thankful for the success but also sad for Jazz

" premission to speak sir.". Bumblebee says WITH HIS REAL VOICE!!

"Premission granted old friend." Optimus replied happily. And i guess Optimus will become wrapped up in his life and i wont be able to have a guardian. Sad, and i think he was.just starting to warm up to me

"Wait so you talk now!" Sam says happily

"I wish to stay with the boy" bee says

"If that is his choice." Optimus said already knowing the answer

"Yes." Sam says glancing between me and Mikaela

And Optimums reached down to Megatron and pulled a piece of the allspark out of Megatrons chest. And he holds it dearly its the only momento of his brother he probably has, i understand though because koestler Sam is going to be with Mikaela all the time, and ill be forever alone, but i try to get in a better mood so my wings don't show it


Oh well another problem for another day. And to celebrate our victory, we go to the edge of a cliff while the sun is setting and Ratchet fixed my wing on the way there,

"Did you ever read my little note, Cadence?" Ratchet asked

"Yea," i mumbled sheepishly

"Then what is holding you back?" Ratchet questioned

"I fear he doesnt feel the same way, but i also don't want to rush things and scare him off." I reply honestly 

"Ah the fear of rejection, its what keeps most couples from starting a relationship, Optimus was always afraid believe it or not, he's never had someone to truly be there, I've been there for him, but this is a femme roll,.that i cannot play.". Ratchet explains

"I understand but i even think about a relationship, i want to get to know him ya know so things aren't awkward between us." I spill, but Ratchet listens,.and im happy he does.

"Thats how it was.with my almost sparkmate, Selene, she was very beautiful,.and had the brains of so one 3 times her age." He said in a dreamy state.

"what happened to her?" I asked curious

"I lost her in the war when my lab exploded but her death was instant, so she felt no pain, which is a good thing." He explained

"I understand, but i have another question." I. Ask nicely

"What is it Cadence?" 

"Will Optimus still be able to be my guardian?" i honestly hoped it was a yes, cause this was my first chance at love, and an interesting person as well.

"Cadence, once you accept that position you cannot take it back, prime or not. The only way your guardian can b be replaced is if he/she dies. So Optimus HAS to be your guardian." He said relieved he mustve thought it was something bad.

"Alright go talk to him.". Ratchet replied and i could practically hear the smile in his voice.

"Thanks Ratchet!" I said flapping my wings for the first time since a hole got blew in them. 

"Anytime Cadence." Ratchet replied, and i saw Optimus's Alt mode parked next to Ironhide then bee and Ratchet was our left he wanted to see what happened. And i hopped in his drivers seat.

"Hey, Optimus!" I said with a smile.

"Hello Cadence, what brings you here?" He questions, i frown inwardly i need a reason to see him, well im fucked 

"I wanted to see if you were alright from the battle earlier today." I asked nicely but also concerned for him

" im feeling better since Ratchet tended to my wounds, what about you Cadence it seems like you gotten hit as well." He said concerned 

"Oh um its fine now." I replied sheepishly, i didnt.want to seem helpless

"Im starting to think when a femme says she is fine, there is something bothering her." He said knowing he was right

"Fine, you got me, starscream blew a hole in my wing, and i really wore out my powers and my legs, its been awhile since i had any marshal arts training." I spilled

"Starscream is a corrupted soul, i don't know how he has managed this long, what kind of powers do you have Cadence?" Optimus as curiously

"Yes, he is, i don't like him very much, but i can control the elements i used them a lot today on Megatron,and with my wings i can fly but they also show my mood." I informed him

"I see, what does yellow mean?" he asked, shit i forgot he could see the mood sensors

"It means im happy." I replied

"Why are you happy?" Optimus inquired

" well there are a lot of reasons, Optimus that the war for the cube is over, my wing is healed and everyone here is ok." I said and looked out his window only to see Sam and Mikaela eating each others faces off. And i let out a huff

"What does blue and red mean?" Optimus asked, these wings are going to be the death of me

"Blue is saddness, and red is anger." I replied hoping he didn't ask why, 

But he did anyway

"Why are you feeling these emotions when you were happy not too long ago?" He said concerned, he's so protective i love it 

" well im mad because Sam has found the one for him, and im here alone with no one to notice me and im sad because it pains he to see them together while im here all alone with no one to I've me comfort like Mikaela does to Sam." And i realized my mistake i fucked up just blow a bullet through my brain he's gonna ask the tough questions now.

" i know exactly how you feel." He said sadly and i was suprised, i thought femmes would be all over him.

"I never had the chance to find a sparkmate on cybertron because being a prime was hard work and femmes wanted their spark mate to be with them all the time so I've never gotten a chance at love." He spilled who knew the great Optimus Prime had all of this in him.

"Optimus ive noticed something about you," i tarted 

"What is that Cadence?" He inquired

"You hide your emotions from other people, you keep all your emotions cooped up inside of you and don't let anyone see how you feel and all the pain you've been through, trust me i know what that's like." I said the last part softly

"How- how did you know?" Optimus said speechless 

"Because im the exact same way, Optimus, i put on a fake smlike and let everyone think im fine, but on the inside im breaking and desperate for someone to be there always." I said and.a tear.rolled down my cheek.

"Cadence, please don't cry, it pains me to see you upset." He said very concerned

"It does?". I said bewildered 

"Yes, i do not like my friends in pain.". He said nicely 

" thank you Optimus you have no idea what that means to me."  I said with joy

"Yes but i believe its time we head to our new base, its a long drive you should get some rest." And i did as he said

And minutes later i was sound asleep in Optimus' drivers seat, and i couldn't of been happier.


Alright that is book 1! Book 2 will be up soon so please check out my profile and look for it there,and also on my Bumblebee fanfic it has gotten and more reads for a whole week so if you could check that out it would be amazing, so be on the look out for book two, and im gonna try and get Cadence and Optimus together, but i hoped you liked this book,and will read the next one, i would greatly appreacite it, and for now

Goodbye my lovelies

★ Cassandra out


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