Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


11. Definitely not a rubix cube

    " happy to see me again?" I hear creepy ask, and how convenient that I was walking right past him when he said it.

" never have and never will.' I say slapping him in the face with my wing

" what the... when the hell did you get wings."

" five minutes ago." I reply snottily. then we get into the car a drive. and I bang my head on the window and cover my body, I never liked people seeing me cry and I do t think I ever will. But Sam is too busy with Mikaela that he doeany even notice me, in a ball sobbing and blue sparkles on my wings, I think I have it figured out,

The color of the sparkles on my wings reflect my mood so they're blue right now cause I'm sad, but it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I just hope the Bumblebee and the rest of the autobots are ok. I just hope that Optimus keeps his promise, and I end up drifting off.

"Cadence get up!" Sam yells to me. I jump and unfold my wings and some men come to take off my handcuffs,

"thank you sir." I reply to the man who took my cuffs off. he nods and says,

"your welcome miss." very polite, more so than creepy who I learned was named agent Simmons. but everyone begins to eye me in  weird way, and I get into the helicopter with Sam and Mikaela, and they lets us chat through the radio cause we have nothing else better to do.

"so," Sam starts

" what'd they get you  in for?" a British lady asks

" me and my cousin bought a car, and it turned out to be an alien robot." Sam replied

"but howd she get wings?" the African-American male asked

" I was about to fall to my death when poof there they were, but know I can also control the elements as well as reverse gravity, so its been a weird day." I reply honestly and everybody looks at me in  a weird way.

"what?" I asked

" your wings they....." Mikaela stuttered

" oh the flecks change color depending on my mood." I reply

" and right now im happy so they're yellow flecks." and everyone makes an 'O' face and  smile and the new attention. and then we arrive at the Hoover Dam, and begin to sightsee for a little bit. but they forced me to wear a jacket over my shoulders to cover my wings not to scare the civilians, I manage to fold them and they provide me with a jacket used to cover them.

"hey kids, I think we got off to a bad start." he replies honestly

" ya don't say." I mutter loud enough to hear, but they've cleared this area of all civilians so I can expose my wings now and they take the jacket from me,  and I open my wings just to be more scary looking to simmons,

"alight, alright I get your point sheesh." he says scared

" you want a latte ho-ho coffee (I couldn't spell whatever simmons just said sooooo ya know)." he offered

"wheres my car?" Sam replies clearly not convinced and I cough cause its my car as well  

"Son I need you to listen to me very carefully, people can die here, we need to know everything you know and we need to know it now." he says nicely. this dude is a LOT  better than Simmons

"ok but first ill take my car, my parents maybe you should write that down, and her (he points at me) wont be tested on for human experiments oh and her juvie record that's gotta be gone like forever." I beam at him, and my wings start to glow literally from how proud I am at Sam in this moment

" thank you so much Sam you have no idea what that means to me, good move my the way on Mikaela." I reply cheekily

" thank you." Mikaela replies with a huge smile as well

"Mans and extornshist," Simmons mumbles. but I don't say anything, because im too happy, but then reality hits me like a boulder, what about Bee, and Optimus, and our parents, my mood flickers but I remain happy for now.

"alright heres the situation, you all have had direct contact with the NBE'S."

"NBE?" the African American soldier asks, but im glad he did cause I didn't know what it meant either

" non-biological exterterestial, try to keep up with the acronyms." geez this dude is harsh

"what you are about to see is totally classified," the nicer dude said as we walked through a concrete tube, and then there standing in a pile of ice is MEGATRON! why is he down here?! he needs to be torn apart for scrap parts! evil son of a bitch

"dear God, what is it?" the secretary of defense asks

"we think when he made his approach for the North pole the gravitational pull field screwed up his telemetry, he crashed in the ice, probably a few thousand years ago. we shipped him here to this facility in 1934." Nice dude said

"We call him NBE1," simmons said, but whatever they're dumb and don't know that that's Megatron hell bringer of death

"Well sir I don't mean to correct you on everything you think you know, but that's Megatron." Sam says 

"He's the leader of the decepticons." I add

"Hes been i cryostasis since 1935, your great great grandfather made one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind." Nice dude said 

"Fact iis your looking at the source of the modern age, microchips lasers,.spaceflight, cars, and all advanced engerining all came from studying him, NBE1, that's what we call him." Simmons taunts

"And you didnt think the United States Military needs to know that your keeping a hostilated frozen robot in the basement." the secectary of defense says angrily

"Well intil these events we had no credible threat to national securcity." Nice dude says nicely

"Well you got one now!" The secretary exclaims

"So why Earth?" On of the Military men asks who I have come to know as Captain Lennox. 

"Its the allspark." I butt in

"Allpark?" Someone questions

"Yeah its some sorta cube looking thingy, and when Mr. NBE1 aka Megatron, that's what they call him. Is pretty much the harvenger of death and wants to use the cube to transform human technology to take over the universe, that's their plan. " Sam explains

"And your sure about that" Simmons asks

"No Simmons we just made it up in our minds and decided to give you false information." I say scarasticaly 

"Yeah." Sam says bluntly

"Wait, you guys know where it is, don't you?" I smirk, so easy to read peoples expressions

"follow me." the nice guy said. and we do we follow him to their 'back room'

" youre about to see our crown jewel." Simmons adds in, and we are led to a room where there is a window and on the other side of the window is the cube. and let me tell you its MASSIVE, how did they even get it here in the first place?

"Carbon dating puts the cube here around 10,000 B.C. the first seven didn't find it until 1913. they knew it was alien due to the matching hygrophlics on the cube as well as NB1. president Hoover had the dam built around it, four football fields thick of concrete, a perfect way to hide its energy from being detected by anyone or any alien species on the outside." man this dude sounds like a tour guide

"wait back up, you said the Dam hides the cubes energy, but what kind exactly?" the British lady asks.

" please step inside, they have to lock us in." wait but why, what if something crazy happens in here? how will we get out?

"oh wow, some Freddy Kruger been up in here?" one of the military men asked

"oh naw man, Freddy Kruger has four blades, that's oh three that's Wolverine, haha."

" that's very funny." Simmons says sarcastically

"anybody have any mechanical devices,blackberry, key limo?, cell phone?" Simmons asks

" I got a phone ." the African-American teen said and tossed Simmons his phone

" I got an IPhone 5?" I offer, and I handed him mine

" oh Nokia's are real nasty, you've gotta respect the Japanese, they know the way of the Samurai." Simmons says dramatically.

and then I hear a whirring noise and a device  touches both of our devices with the Cubes energy and then they transform! my IPhone is huddling in the corner and the Nokia starts shooting at us and it has red eyes, seemingly trying to defend my phone which has blue eyes, its actually quite adorable.

"mean little sucker, itty bitty energizer bunny from hell huh?" Simmons says

"uh hes breaking the box." no he cant just let them diw

" o wait, they just woke up in a box with things they've never seen before! how do you expect them to act?" I reply, and I reach my hand in the box much to Simmons distaste and gently pick them up, the Nokia was very defensive of my phone but when he realized I wasn't a threat he began to trust me and I put them on my shoulder.

"what?" I ask innocently when everyone was staring at me

"you are one weird girl ya know that?" Simmons points out

"yes, yes I do." I said gesturing to my wings

"gentleman, and ladies they know the cube is here." Secetarty says

"GET EVERYONE TO THE NB CHAMBER NOW!!!!!!" The nicer dude yelled and I ran alongside Sam and when we made it the who place was in pure chaos.

We went ino the gun cabnit and the lights started flickering, 

"Sam we habe to get to Bumblebee, he will know what to do with the cube." I told Sam and he went up and he talked to the nice dude.

When Lennox confronts Simmons with brute foforce which suprised me! Gun were being pulled out, and pointed at fellow comrads and quite a few were pointed at me, so in self defense iI pulled out my fire, and posed ready to attack, the mini-bots get scared but I tell them to transform and they do but stay hidden in my pocket

"Drop the weapon soldier, theres an alien war going on and your gonna shoot me?!" Simmons cries

"We didnt ask to be here." lennox yells at Simmons

"I'm order you under the S7 protocol executive jurisdiction," but one of the others cuts him off

"S7 dontdon't exist." 

"And we dont take orders from people who don't exist." Lennox confirms

"Im gonna count to 5....." Simmons starts

"Well im gonna cpoint to 3." Lennox finishes

"Simmons, id do what thevery say, loosing is not really an option for these guys." Sectary says

"Alright, okay, you wanna lay the fate of the world on the kids Camaro that's cool." And with that we move out to find bumblebee 

"Stop!stop you guys gotta stop!" I shout, as does everyone else. I do the only thiby I know to get their attention I fly up above bumblebee and I use my powers and begin to lift tables and chairs and a few other things, and that gets them to stop real quick

"Hey bee." I say to him, I put my fire powers on low and slowly begin to warm him up so he's conscious again, and get to my position beside Sam.

"Hey you ok? They didnt hrt you right?" Sam says, and bee puts oon hisbattle mask and points his cannon and everyone still scared they might hurt him

"Aw poor thing, its alright they wont hurt you anymore, its alright." I tell bee

"Bee listen to me, th cube is here and the decepticons are coming, no no don't worry about them they're ok, they wont hurt you," he says to bee

" back up a little bit hes friendly but right now he needs his space." I tell the people behind us

"ok put the guns down bee they're not gonna hurt you now." I say to bee

"come with me, were gonna take you to the allspark." Sam says convincingly

and with that we sprint to the room that has the cube in it, and when Bee sees it he makes a Wall-e noise, and presses a few places on the cube and it starts to shrink but only cubes at a time, and when its done he hands it to me, but while im getting the cube, the military people are coming up with a plan to talk to the air force, and the mini-bots must sense the cube because they come out of my pocket,

" alright guys I know you want to come out, but you have to stay in there, wait hold on a second." I say to the bots

"Maggie!" ( the british girl)

"yeah" she replies

" could you watch the mini-bots for me please, I have a feeling im going to be needed for something important and I don't want them to get hurt."  I explain

"sure, but im not going to keep them, who knows what will happen to my house if I let them live there." and I laugh at her reply. and I hand the bots to her, at first their afraid but then I have to help everyone else, so im forced to leave Maggie who now has my mini-bots.

"Cadence lets go!" I hear Sam shout and I get into Bumble bee in the back and hang on to the cube for dear life.

after a few minutes we make it out of the facility and are on the road,

" Cadence put the seatbelt on the cube, we have to make sure nothing happens to it." Sam says

" alright ill guard it with my life." I say

on our way to the city we find Optimus and my heart leaps, its been so long since ive seen him, and I guess Ratchet was right, I guess I am developing a crush on Optimus, I just hope that he feels the same way

" hey look its Optimus." Sam says

" hey Optimus! guys over here!" I yell out the window, and they all end up turning around in our direction.

"now this day just got a lot better." I say

"why?" Mikaela asks

" cause now that Optimus and everyone else are here we can kick so tailpipe!" I exclaim

" no no no!"

"what?" I ask

" its that same cop from earlier!"

"Shit!" I yell

"cmon guys block em block em." then one of the decepticons starts to transform in the middle of the road and that's not a good thing. but for everyone's safety Optimus transforms as well hoping to take the con down and he does his best to avoid any humans. but then they fly off the road down to the ground level

" Optimus No!!!!!!!!!" I scream, he cant die, can he?

" its ok Cadence, he will be fine, hes Optimus Prime, he can take down a con." Sam says trying to comfort me.

" I hope your right Sam I truly do." I say and I feel the sparkles on my wings turn blue in sadness, but I regain my composure when we pull onto a road and get ready for battle. 



it took me half a day just to come up with this chapter, I might not get an update in tomorrow cause, im going to camp and a few other things but I will try my best I hope you guys liked this long update :) but for now

goodbye my lovelies

~Cassandra out

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