Love will never come (Optimus Prime love story)

Meet my OC Cadence Celeste Harmony, she was abandoned at a very young age but then Sams mom found her and she goes on an amazing adventure and starts to come out of her shell when she meets the Autobots


4. A party?

Cadence's P.O.V.        

                        i was in my room listening to music when Sam comes in and says


                        " hey im going to a party you wanna come." Sam got invited to party and i start to laugh,

                        " you *laugh* got invited *laugh* to a *laugh* party." then i start rolling around on my bed laughing.

                        " ha ha funny Cadence, but the lake is public property so im automatically invited." he says with a matter-of-factly tone

                        " ok ill  go Sam, but get out so I can change." Sam then gets out and I change into this ( I walk downstairs and I find Miles in our living room, and Miles and I don't get along. he just likes to hit on me, which is not approved by me. I walk over to Sam and say,

                " you didn't tell me Miles was coming!" I whisper yell to him

                " well, I need my wingman." I do a mental Face palm, Miles is the last person you go to for advice, like any advice on the planet you do not go to Miles. I storm off to the car and I sit in the front, I decide to let Sam drive, even though it is our car.  Sam jumps into the driver seat and Miles says to me,

                " get in the back baby-doll." he says in a seductive tone.

                I then do a fake laugh and say, " in your dreams."

                " maybe they are." and wiggles his eyebrows in a weird way

                 I scoff, "  too bad its my car."

                " ours." Sam mumbles

                " but..." Miles starts

                " too bad Miles, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it."

                Miles then says something under his breath and hops into the back seat but not before trying to touch me. jerk

                we drive to the lake in silence, its about a 10 minute drive. we hop out and I go over to Mikaela and her buddies, sure im not a snob but I am a cheerleader, a flyer to be exact, even though I am tall, I weigh like 130 pounds. I start to talk to Mikaela when I turn my head to find Miles in a tree making Sam look like an idiot more than he already is. Sam is talking to Trent, the Quarter-back of the football team, im far enough away to the point where I cant hear what he saying, but then Trent's face turns cold. and he's about to beat up Sam when Mikaela? pulls Trent away from Sam, I look to my left where Mikaela was just mere seconds ago. I give a confused glance to my fellow cheerleaders and they just shrug.

                        " Cadence lets go." I hear Sam call, I say good-bye to my friends and get into the back when Sam's car starts playing some music, and then Sam says

                        " im gonna drive her home tonight."

                        " what? she's an evil jock concubine let her hitch-hike." I slap Miles, right across the face, no one talks about my friends that way.

                        "She lives 10 miles from here its my only chance, you have to be understanding."

                        " ok we will put her in the back and ill be quiet."

                        " did you just say put her in the back?" Sam says clearly mad I decide to stay out of this cause I don't want to get yelled at.

                         " well Cadence called shotgun." he says with a smirk," unless you want to come in the back seat with me."

                        " disgusting  perv!" I yell at him

                        " Miles just leave." I say irritated

                        " well to bad she or Cadence aren't going in the back, so please get out of my car." I've had enough with this freak, I grab his ear and throw him into the freezing cold lake and sprint back to the car and tell Sam,

                " there he's gone now go get your girl." I say with a smile

                        "ok, but you have to promise to be quiet."

                        " I promise, ill just take a nap in the back seat." I hop in the back, but not before getting out my IPod and press the record button and I record their conversation. minutes later I fall to sleep

                        ~ TIME SKIP~

                                        I slowly bring my self into consciousness. when I do wake up I keep my eyes shut, and I hear Sam say

                                        " no, no I think that theres more than meets the eyes with, you." and I smile. and when Mikaela gets out of the car I say to Sam,

                        " that was an amazing pick-up line, then press the stop button on my IPod and on the way home I listen to what I missed

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