The zombie apocalypse. Everyone knew it was going to happen eventually they just didn't think it would happen so soon. When you get bitten, the venom from the zombie virus makes its way to your brain, this venom can do one of two things. It can turn you into a zombie, which is the most likely outcome, or it will simply alter you brain, causing you to develop some form of mental disorder. When Rebel gets bitten she gets lucky, she develops A.D.D otherwise known as attention deficit disorder. Could this help her survive or lead her to get bitten again and not be so lucky?


1. this is how i show my love

*A/N: if some things in this book don't quite make sense or some of the wrong pronouns are used, this is because this book was originally posted on wattpad with different characters, then edited and posted on ao3 as a lashton and i'm now editing the lashton version to this one.


attention deficit disorder

n. Abbr. ADD A syndrome, usually diagnosed in childhood, characterized by a persistent pattern of impulsiveness, a short attentionspan, and often hyperactivity, and interfering especially with academic, occupational, and social performance.


* * *


I sat on the wooden park bench, the cold breeze nipping at my bare legs through the rips in my black jeans. I pulled my ebony leather jacket tighter around my body hoping it might protect me from the cold slightly.


"Stupid, stupid girl." I muttered to myself, hugging my torso, the air so cold I could see my breath


My boyfriend Taylor had been cheating on me for the past six months and I even knew about it, but I refused to believe it until I saw him in my bed in my apartment with another woman. That did it for me; I didn't want to be in a dishonest relationship with an unloyal man. I left the apartment, not before letting them know I was there though. I made a show of leaving, slamming the door to the bedroom, slamming every door in the house until eventually slamming the front door and walking out.


My phone began vibrating in my hand and my ringtone began playing to alert me that someone was calling me. Of course, it was Taylor.


I wiped my eyes and sniffled slightly before answering and holding the phone against my ear.


"What?" I said, my voice cracking before I finished the word.


"I'm so sorry, babe, it was a mistake, I didn't know what I was-" Taylor's deep voice sounded from the other side of the receiver.


"Don't try to tell me you didn't know what you were doing," I began, feeling a presence beside me, "You knew what you were doing all the other times you cheated on me in the past six months."


"Babe..." He trailed off.


"Don't call me that, you've got half an hour to get your shit and get out of my apartment, if there is any evidence of you or that blonde bimbo ever being in my apartment I will end you." I hung up, putting my phone in my pocket and looking to the side to see who was next to me.


A man, he looked around the age of eighteen with dark blonde, curly hair and tan skin.


He looked as if he was about to say something but I cut him off when I felt something wet drip down my face, "Do I look like shit?"


"Slightly." He chuckled; he had a strong Australian accent.


I sighed and wiped under my eyes again, "I'm Rebel by the way."


"I'm Ashton" He smiled, "This may sound weird but you don't happen to know a place I could stay for a little while."


"Um, I have a spare room in my apartment. You could stay there when my ex hurries up and gets his ass out of my house." I offered.


"If it's not any trouble.."


"No it's fine, as long as you don't try to murder me or anything." I laughed slightly.


Ashton laughed along with me when my phone rang; once again, Taylor.


I answered and immediately said, "Are you and that tramp out of my apartment yet?"


"Yes." Taylor groaned.




"Come back, I need to talk to you in person." With that, he hung up.


I stood up off the bench, "Come on then."


* * *


Stood outside my house was none other than Taylor. When he saw me he smiled but that smile soon faded when he saw the blonde-haired man walking beside me.


"Bringing new guys home already?" Taylor smirked as I stopped in front of him.


"Oh don’t act like you weren’t bringing girls home throughout our whole relationship." I shrugged.


I was about to turn and walk away but I froze. I froze because what was behind Taylor would shape the future of humanity.

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