a domestic accident

Detective Charlotte Stanton has never been the squeamish type but when a six year old boy ends up dead, she finds herself with a case on her hands that is a little to close for comfort and some things she has rightly buried begin to surface.


1. 1

His body crumpled beneath the blow. The tripping step left him momentarily flying through the air as he tumbled down the stairwell. As he came to rest his face wore the peace and innocence of a child: Death had claimed him instantly. No pain showed in the grey eyes as he lay unstaring towards the ceiling, blood ran in vermilion veins through his hair clinging to the single stands draped across his face. The colour bled onto the floor pooling at the bottom of the stairs, blending into the blackness of the wool, making the carpet spongy as the blood soaked in. Knelt beside his broken body, reflected in his innocuous gaze as she stroked his cheek. Was his murderer.

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