Ze face o' ammos

Ze face o' ammos is ze best religion vich zenters around one direction and its sweet six pack


3. Ze profesy o' ammons

ze ammos twas was onze ze brave lad but zen he went into ze vietnam war in ze waor o 1253 zey battled for ze lon dayz were ze rusiians com uot viczories and zey lived hapsely evry after but zey got met buy ze rizistanze whits had all se powers and se. ze face o ammos was in ze muts anger cause al ze followers ded in ze kek wurs and dey got on ze jurney zzu ze kek land. zey came int ze pit of ze great wor o 9000 and zey had ze zikest  zpace battle.

zey went innto ze epic single file combat and all zer chivalry zkills got into ze tezt. zey wer ze  wery zesst figgery sind ser laun? zey face o ammos answered with sze zweet zteel o his laser steel zword. but in ze endz it didnt even matter. zzoy zey wnet on ze epic campaign to qonquor ze wyld and ze face o ammmos bacame ze divine godz o ze wyld. Ze... end. for ze gud of all of us.

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