In Fear

News of a chemical leak in a local area causes seven teens to fight for themselves and each other against the mutants, horrifying undead creatures with a lust for human flesh and blood.


10. The Basement

Walter and Katie walked the opposite direction to Eddie; something had snapped between them. They were tired of him thinking he can rule their lives. They approached a house that looked as though it had been frozen in time. Walter quietly said, "I bet nobody's been here in years". To their surprise, he was right; not a single household item had been touched. They scouted the house and all the rooms in it and agreed that it was safe to stay in for a while.

"Hopefully no mutants should find us here" Katie exclaimed but she was fearing the worst. The house seemed eerily quiet considering the fact that this was an apocalypse and riots were breaking out. It was a stroke of bad luck as a groaning sound could be heard outside the door. Walter tentatively walked towards the door but was thrown back by the impact of the door coming off its hinges. Katie pulled him to his feet and dragged him down to the basement just before a mutant could tear at his flesh.

They leaped down the stairs and slammed the door shut. The basement was almost as creepy as the house itself. The only light they had was a small torch in Walter's backpack; Katie left her's upstairs. There was a dripping of blood from the ceiling and the torch light was slowly dying down. Just then, they heard a scratching noise. They turned around and to their horror, there was a mutant feasting upon what looked like a child. The boy's head had been cracked open like an egg and the mutant was digging its hands into his skull. Blood was pouring out and Walter and Katie stayed still as statues. The mutant looked up to see them and the torch shined in its eyes. The eyes glistened in the light without blinking. It looked almost sorrowful. The mutant quickly went back to feast on the child before turning to Walter and Katie. It stood up and hobbled towards them both and before long, they were both up against the wall. Suddenly, the torch died and somebody screamed.

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