In Fear

News of a chemical leak in a local area causes seven teens to fight for themselves and each other against the mutants, horrifying undead creatures with a lust for human flesh and blood.


7. Rise of the twit

A pale and horrifying Andrew stood up slowly. Walter reached for his bat but realized that it was at the other end of the church. Jasmine swung at him but he knocked her over. As he was about to tuck into a Jasmine-special first course with an extra helping of blood and flesh, Katie struck the back of his head twice with a nearby fire extinguisher. He stared at Katie and was about to reach out before Eddie's knife which was concealed into his shoe made a short, sharp collision with his hand; this naturally resulted in Andrew losing his hand and enraging at Eddie. Something about Andrew's mutant form was different to the others: it was intelligent.

"Oi, you pale fucker!" Walter called at Andrew, getting his attention. "Over here!"

Andrew rose from Jasmine, who was now crying in fear, and attacked Walter vigorously. Walter backed away quickly but Andrew was quick as well. He speedily followed Walter up the stairs and onto the upper row of pews. Walter wasn't particularly fond of heights, so this was a challenge for him. Luckily, piece of the banister from the staircase had broken off so he took it and beat Andrew several times with it. He fell backwards and landed on the floor, which was quite convenient for Walter. He proceeded to kick his feet into Andrew and the safety rail gave way. Andrew plummeted down to the ground where Eddie was waiting with Walter's bat and he beat Andrew until all that remained of his head was goo, blood and broken bone. When Walter came down again, Eddie stood triumphant over the body of Andrew.

"I am a weapons expert," Eddie exclaimed proudly, "And never forget it!".

The rest of the team knew that they had to leave soon. They grabbed their weapons, their backpacks and they raced out of the Church. But to their horror, a hoard of mutants stood before them, blocking the exit.

"Maybe we were a bit too loud" Katie shivered.

"You fucking think that, do you?" Eddie replied.

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