In Fear

News of a chemical leak in a local area causes seven teens to fight for themselves and each other against the mutants, horrifying undead creatures with a lust for human flesh and blood.


3. Day 2.

What felt like days to Walter and his friends, but was only about 12 hours, had passed. They rose from the sofas they were sleeping on (However Eddie slept in his comfy bed upstairs) and walked to the kitchen to make breakfast. They met a glum sight when they opened the cupboard; No cereal, no bread to make toast with and no croissants either. "Well we did have to go shopping anyway," Andrew said with a hint of "Let's go shopping  before we die" in his voice. They agreed and got into Richard's car (Of course he had a car). Walter and Eddie, who were shoved into the far back of the seven-seated automobile, had seven weapons; one for each person: Two baseball bats, a swingball set, a wicket, a hockey stick and two rakes. They soon arrived at Sainsbury's but, to their horror, was a hoard of mutants standing before them. "Oh shit," Eddie said aloud, "We're screwed".

"No we're not, you pussy," Andrew replied spitefully, "We'll just bash them over the head and stomp on their brains".

"It's not as easy as that," Walter said and the group went silent. "They can smell us too. We have to go in their, get what we want and come out without them noticing".

"So what do we have to do?" Katie asked, "I'm not smothering myself in somebody else's blood".

"I'm sorry but that's all we can do." Walter said, with a trace of anxiety in his voice. "We need to find a corpse and pour its blood onto ourselves".

"Jesus Christ, you weirdo," Britney scowled at Walter, "Andy, your brother's messed up".

"I totally understand." Andrew replied, frowning. "However it's the best and only plan we have".

"Exactly," Walter told everyone else,"Look, there's a deceased person. We'll just  smear his insides on ourselves".

They all got out of the car eventually and found the body. Reluctantly, they scooped up his organs and blood and started to wipe them on their clothes and skin.

"This is fucking disgusting," Eddie said, making puking noises, "I'm never doing this again". After a minute or tow, they all started to smell slightly rotten. They knew it was time to go in.

"Is everyone ready?" Andrew asked.

"Of course we are, you prick! We were born ready!" Richard responded sarcastically. Everyone ignored this and walked in, slowly avoiding the walking deceased.

It stinked in there. It had no trace of warmth or happiness but looked more like an abandoned wasteland. Andrew raced in with a trolley, with Richard inside it, and ran around the aisles picking up every sugar-filled item they saw. Naturally, this got the mutants' attention and chased after them.

"Oh shit! We're in trouble, bro!" Richard called out but Andrew couldn't hear him; He had let go of the trolley, causing it to crash into a freezer and two mutants gained up on him. Andrew, who was bleeding from the nose, tried to reach to him but fell unconscious due to hitting his head. Walter and Eddie ran down the frozen food aisle and hit one of the mutants with his baseball bat but it didn't have much effect. The mutant began to sink its teeth into Richard's leg and he shrieked in pain. Walter grabbed the mutant and continuously beat it over the face with his bat and it finally fell to the ground. The other one was busy tearing Richard's chest open, causing his upper organs to come spewing out. Walter grabbed the mutant and threw it into a shelf of Dog Food and he tried to help Richard. However the damage was done. He was dead. Walter had no choice but to leave his brother and fight the others. Eddie was trapped under a bargain bucket of DVDs and Katie and Jasmine were nowhere to be seen. He grabbed Eddie and pulled him out and Eddie shouted "I should bloody think so too!". They searched for the girls, Britney and Andrew as hard as they could, stopping only to finish a mutant off. Walter found Katie surrounded by mutants and he pushed them all back. Katie seized Walter tightly and hugged him until he was suffocating. However he did not want to let her go. They grouped together again except for Richard, who was staggering towards them with an empty rib cage and ice cubes hanging from his mouth. "Time to disappear!" Eddie slowly said before hurrying out of the door, followed by everyone else with trolleys full of junk.

"Fucking hell, that was a close one!" Jasmine exclaimed as she clutched at the stitch in her chest.

They got back into the car, now almost invisible due to a crowd of mutants, and quickly drove away. When they arrived back at the house they saw a nasty surprise; Mutants were swarming inside the house as Eddie forgot to close the front door. "You fucker!" Andrew pushed Eddie into the garden fence. "You absolute motherfucker! I don't believe it!"

"Oh Shit yeah, sorry!" Eddie said, trying to sound calm. Andrew had heard enough and started plummeting his fists into Eddie's stomach.

"Leave him alone, you moron!" Katie said and punched Andrew in the nose.

"You bitch!" He spat at her and slapped her violently. Walter, who was shaking with rage at this point, lifted Andrew into the air and threw him on the road, kicking him and hitting him with his bat.

"You fucking animal!" He yelled at him. "Hurt her again, I'll fucking kill you!"

"Alright, calm down!" Andrew eventually said, spitting blood on the street.

"You fucking better be! If you lay a finger on her again, I'll kill your sorry ass!"

"Dude, chill!" Britney said, holding Walter tightly before he could do any serious damage. "We have to find somewhere safe! Somewhere nobody will find us!"

"The Church?" Eddie suggested. He got a "Get fucked" back from Britney.

"The horse and jockey?" He asked. He got a "Get fucked" back from everyone this time.

"I've got it!" Walter said. "The Church!" Everyone agreed except Eddie who just looked as though someone had popped a balloon in his face.

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