In Fear

News of a chemical leak in a local area causes seven teens to fight for themselves and each other against the mutants, horrifying undead creatures with a lust for human flesh and blood.


1. Day 1.

Walter always wanted to have fun. However his friend Eddie's idea of fun was sitting in pyjamas playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops until midday when they would play Mortal Komabt into the night. His crush, Katie and her sister Jasmine, kept telling him that Eddie was not his boss and that he should go out and climb a tree or something. But Eddie would strike back, saying that he was older than Walter therefore he should do everything with him. This was one of the main reasons why nobody really liked Eddie. But Walter had signed a contract written by Eddie in bright yellow on Microsoft Paint saying that he was his best friend and so he must do everything he was told to, so Katie and Jasmine couldn't really complain validly. It was during a game of Team Fortress 2 that Eddie's game console overheated and broke down. "Shit!" Eddie hissed as he tried to cool down his worn-out console by blowing on it. The sizzling of the console brought Katie and Jasmine downstairs where they saw what the small explosion had done to the new Russian carpet. "What the Hell have you been doing?!" they exclaimed at once as they stared at the burnt carpet which Walter was frantically putting towels over. Eddie sarcastically responded, "We were having a wonderful tea party when all of a sudden, our console burst into flames for no reason!". "Jesus Christ, guys!" Jasmine said, ignoring Eddie's comment. "It's 9:00 am now so my programme's on. So shut up or leave" she rudely said. Eddie cocked a snook at the two girls before storming upstairs to use his second games console. Walter sighed and sat down besides Jasmine and Katie to watch the BBC News at 9. "What has appeared to be one of the biggest scientific accidents of our generation," the News reporter said, "A mass chemical spillage in a lab near Oswestry has caused dozens of people to pass out and foam at their mouths as the gas from these chemicals is highly contagious. Some of the many people that have recently been declared deceased have risen and bitten almost everyone around them". "That's tragic" muttered Katie but Jasmine hushed her and called Eddie down. "If you know someone that has been bitten, it is essential that they are isolated as soon as possible. We are being informed that this is currently declared a crisis and hundreds of people worldwide are dying and being re-animated as mutant creatures". It was in that shocking moment that they heard a pounding at the front door and an unholy moan.

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