In Fear

News of a chemical leak in a local area causes seven teens to fight for themselves and each other against the mutants, horrifying undead creatures with a lust for human flesh and blood.


5. Britney's demise part 2 of 2

Andrew luckily managed to dive out of the way before his girlfriend met her terrible fate. The mutant tore at her arm and left it hanging by a thread as she writhed in agony. It sunk its rotten teeth into her other arm, causing it to drop off almost instantly. Blood was splattering onto the grass, the church walls, the gravestones, everywhere was being smothered with Britney's blood. "You bastard!" She tried to fight back but couldn't feel her legs to kick with. "Help! I can't feel my legs!"

"That's because your arms have been blown off!" Andrew replied but he caught her facial expression and kept quiet, for he knew that comedy would surely not help his girlfriend's state.

The mutant then ripped into her thighs like children ripping into a bag of smoky bacon crisps; she fell to the ground with blood spewing all over the scenery. She had no chance of survival. Katie and Jasmine were safe inside and Walter and Eddie were too far away to help, but they saw everything. Her neck became the mutant's next meal and it didn't disappoint. It seemed to eat almost all of Britney's neck and throat, leaving just bone. She was slowly dying and even she would admit this now. The mutant buried its teeth in her face and she was eventually lifeless. The rest of her death was deemed too shocking for public view. But you can ask anyone who saw it. That is, if they survived the rest of this novel...

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