In Fear

News of a chemical leak in a local area causes seven teens to fight for themselves and each other against the mutants, horrifying undead creatures with a lust for human flesh and blood.


4. Britney's demise part 1 of 2

Walter and co.( not a bad name) headed towards the Church which, to their surprise, wasn't as crowded as they thought.

"Okay," Eddie finally said after an awkward silence, "I'll check the roof with Walter, Katie and Jasmine can go to the pews and check for survivors. Andy and Britney, you guys can check out the exterior". Of course Britney refused. "I am not going around this minging place," she bitched, "It reeks of corpses and I don't wanna have to smell like..."

"I think you should do as the kid says" Andrew murmured to her. "Come on. Let's go" and they both scampered off into the fog.

"Right, Eddie, let's go" Walter sighed. "You two get in their and we'll see you in about fifteen minutes". The girls agreed and they all split up; Eddie and Walter taking the staircase and Jasmine and Katie heading the opposite direction.

It stank upstairs. There were blood stains and scratch marks wherever Walter and Eddie went. They were mortified to see a decomposing torso, with no extra limbs or joints. They proceeded to the roof immediately and came face to face with two more mutants. Of course, Walter and Eddie had no plan, so they just hit one of them. They instantly regretted this as one of them lunged at Walter. Eddie battered its teeth into its rotting skull and they saw Andrew and Britney walking across the grass verge. Eddie called out for help but they didn't seem to hear him. He only just noticed the danger that they were in; a mutant was running up behind them and he called for them. Andrew looked up and realized that he was in danger as well as Britney but his girlfriend didn't seem to care. What happened next was certainly one of the most gruesome moments in this novel. I'm even contemplating whether I should type this. Here goes:






























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