Five best friends on an adventure, they pass through towns and the five of them are known as The Renegades


4. Safety Harbour

Jenny POV

I slowly lift myself off the mattress. I pick up my phone and check the time, 10:05am.

"Fuck, guys we gotta get going if we wanna make it to Safety Harbour in time!" I yell. "Guys?"

"Oh, hey Jenny," Alice says. "You slept in so we left Islamorada while you were sleeping so we decided to start driving to Safety Harbour."

"Oh, okay, cool," I say. "Where's Karina?" 

"She's with Connor in the ute," Emily says.

"Fair enough," I say. "So does that mean Arrow is...?"

"Yeah I'm here," He says getting out from under the pile of pillows.

"What the bloody hell were you doing under there?"

"Sleeping," he says.

"Um, okay then..." I go into the front of the car and sit in the front seat next to Sophie. "How long until we get to Safety Harbour?"

"We'll get there around 1:30pm?" She says.

"Alright," I grab the blanket from underneath the seat and cover myself in it and get comfortable for the next 3 hours.


Alice POV

We arrive at Safety Harbour and we drive along the road next to the beach. 

"Guy's," I say. "I'm starving."

"How do you know that you're hungry Alice?" Emily says.

"My stomach is speaking to me, literally," I laugh a little. 

"Yeah c'mon, we'll stop by one of the cafes in the Main Street," Sophie says. 

"Sounds good to me!" I say.

We drive for five minutes until Jenny pulls up infront of a cafe. We get out of the car and Karina and Connor pull up beside us in the ute. The seven of us walk into the cafe and I pull out two fifty dollar notes. 

"Get what you want, " I say. "I'll pay for it."

Everyone gets what they want and I get a mint slice, a caramel slice, a vanilla slice, a nutella and a jam donut and a custard and peanut butter donut. I hand over the two fifty dollar notes and the girl at the register gives me twenty dollars in return. 

"Fuck, that was expensive," Arrow says. 

"But it was so worth it," I say as I bite into my mint slice. We get back in the car, but Arrow gets into the ute with Connor and Karina comes with us. We drive down to the pier and Karina, Jenny, Sophie and Emily get changed into their beach clothes. 

"Hey, why aren't you coming?" Karina says.

"That mint slice did not agree with me and I am not throwing up when I am on the boat," I respond. We walk to the end of the pier with the boys.

"Alrighty, Alice is staying behind-" Sophie gets cut off by Arrow.


"You're a curios little thing aren't you," I say. "I'm staying behind for reasons."

"I'll stay with you," he says.

"Uh, no thanks," I say. "I can take care of myself."

"Well if you insist," Arrow says to me.

"Yeah, I don't need to be taken care of."

"I'm staying," he says.

"Emily, you technically own him, take him away," I say.

"Arrow, she's fine," Emily says.

"What if she drowns?" he says.

"I know how to swim, thank you very much," I say.

"Whatever, I'm staying."

"Oh my fuck," Sophie says. "Can we just go please?"

"Yep!" Karina says. "Let's go!" The five of them get onto the boat and Arrow and I sit at the end of the pier. Sophie and Jenny pull out a bag and take a spray can out and smile evily at me.I shake my head and laugh a little.

"What is it?" Arrow asks. 

"Can you stop asking questions?" I say. "Just shut up and enjoy the scenery."

Minutes pass and suddenly Arrow turns to me and kisses me.

"What they fuck is wrong with you?" I whisper. 

"What?" he says. 

"You're with Emily and you kiss me," I say. "You are a sick bastard." 

"It's not like she's gonna find out."

"You are not going to hurt her and I don't want her to turn on me."


The boat comes back and Jenny is soaking wet. "What the fuck did you guys do?" Arrow says handing Jenny a towel. 

"Emily pushed me in," she says. 

"It was so hilarious!" Emily says. "Next time, you're coming." She says looking at me.

"Yep, I was bored out of my mind," I say. 

"We both were," Arrow says.

There was awkward silence for a minute.

"Okay then," Karina says. "It's almost 6pm."

"I've got an idea, let's go and buy dinner and then we'll go for ice-cream," Sophie says.

"Good enough for me," I say.


We walk into Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop and the seven of us walk up to the register to order. Emily, Connor and Jenny get Choclate Chip Cookie Dough. Arrow and Sophie get Strawberry Cheesecake and Karina and I get Sweet Cream and Cookies. 

I pull out my wallet to pay for my ice-cream and I don't have any cash on me. I look over at the girl at the register. "Hey, um, can you cancel my order? I don't have any money on me, sorry." She nods her head and puts the cup back.

"Hey, hold on, I'll pay for it," Arrow says. 

Fury rages inside of me as soon as he says that. I take a breath and turn to look at him. "There's honestly no need for you to do that," I say.

He looks over at the girl behind the counter. "Can you get me that Sweet Cream and Cookies in a cone please?"

"Fuck, no, a cone is too expensive," I say. "In a cup please," I say to the girl. She hands over my ice cream and Arrow passes her the money. "I am going to murder you while you're sleeping," I say.

"We all good now?" Emily asks. 

"Yep," I say. "If you wanna call your boyfriend buying me and ice cream good?"


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