Five best friends on an adventure, they pass through towns and the five of them are known as The Renegades


5. Oak Woods

Sophie POV

I get up in the morning to see Alice pull out a packet of cigarettes. "What the fuck do you think you're doing!?" I whisper so I don't wake the others. 

She looks at me confused. "I'm leaving my mark here." Alice says 

"Um, okay then."

"Why do you ask?" 

"Because I thought you were going to light one."

"Oh," She says. "Sophie, honey. I'm stupid and irresponsible, but I don't want to ruin my lungs at such a young age. I would never light a cigarette even if you paid me a million dollars."

"Okay, then," I say. "Where did you buy them from?" Alice turn to look at me and puts her index finger over her mouth. She jumps out of the car window and runs into the bushes. I put my head back on my pillow and close my eyes until the others wake up.


An hour passes by and I wake up to the Ute starting up. I look out of the window and see Emily close the passenger door, sitting next to Arrow. 

"It sucks doesn't it?" I jump and my soul leaves my body. Jenny is sitting right next to me.

"Fuck, can you never do that again!?" I yell.

"Sorry," she says. 

"What sucks?" 

"To see everyone else get the guy, or a guy," Jenny says.

"Well, yeah, it does I guess," I say looking down at my dark blue painted toenails. "Wait, hold on. Alice doesn't have a guy?" 

"Well if you had the binoculars on the yacht yesterday, you would know."

"Hold up! Alice and Arrow?" I whisper so Alice doesn't hear me.


Karina POV

Alice drives into the parking space near the edge of Oak Woods and Emily and Arrow pull up in the Ute beside us. "Wait, why are we here?" I say.

"We are here so we can explore and release our inner curiosity," Connor says. "We are here to get some fresh air and rethink some of the decisions that we make."

"Hey, if you're talking about stopping the art-" Emily gets cut off.

"I think you mean the vandalism," Arrow says.

"Who's side are you on?" Emily says. "We are not stopping our art. We are on this road trip to leave our mark in places that we will never return to."

"I want to go back to Safety Harbor," Arrow says.

"Why would you want to go back there?" I say.

"You people are so oblivious to everything," Jenny says. "Alice kissed Arrow while we were all out of the yacht."

"That was my story to tell but okay then," Arrow says.

"Hold up, Alice kissed you while you were with me!?" Emily says.

"Uhhh... not exactly," Alice says

"Fuck you Arrow! Fuck you Alice!" Emily walks of into the woods and I run after her so she doesn't get lost.


"Emily, can you wait for me?!" I yell.

"Just go away Karina, I'll be fine."

"You are obviously not fine. Can you just stop and let me talk to you?" I say.

"What Karina? What do you want to say to me?" 

"Arrow kissed Alice, not the other way around," I say.

"I don't give a shit who kissed who... well I do, but you get what I mean. I'm just annoyed because Alice let it happen."

"But you haven't heard her side of the story?"

"I don't need to hear her side of the story!" Emily snaps at me. "She let Arrow kiss her and that's it. I can't trust her anymore."

"Okay, can we just go back to the others please?" I ask.

"Yeah okay." 

Emily and I walk back to where we left the others and Arrow's gone. "Where did he go?" I ask.

"He took the ute and left, and I don't think he's coming back." Connor says.

"Wasn't the ute yours?" Sophie asks.

"No it was his. He got his liscence taken away so I drove it." 

"I hope that bastard gets caught by the cops," Alice says. "Did you get all the camping shit out?" 

"Yeah, now we just gotta carry it all down to where we want it." Connor says.

"Where's that?" I say.

"We find out when we get there," He says. 

I grab my bag, a tent for me and Connor to share and a few of the chairs. We start to walk down the pathway until we get to three pathways. "Which one?"

"I say we take the one with the bridge," Sophie says. 

"We can take the one on the left because that one seems to be the one most travelled on," I say.

"The one in the middle doesn't look very worn, let's go on that one," Jenny says. 

"Alice how about you?" I say.

"Um, I say we go back to the car where it's safe and we won't get attacked by a bear."

"Bro, it's fucking freezing, we won't get attacked by a bear," Sophie says to Alice.

"Okay, let's take the bridge," Connor says. 

We walk across the bridge and walk for two minutes when we come to two other paths. "Are you kidding me?" Alice says. 

"We'll go left this time," I say. We start to walk again and we reach an open area and see three other campers. "Great looks like we're going to have guests."

Three people, two guys and a girl, walk up to us. "Who do you think you are?" The girl says to us.

"Wow, um, okay," Connor says. "Number 1, you don't own the land and number 2, I'm Connor and these are my friends. We're here to camp for the night."

"Cool," the boy with the golden brown hair says. "I'm Myles, this is Briar," he says pointing to the girl, "and this is Hunter."

"So is it chill with you guys if we set up here?" Emily says. She seems to be taking this shit about Arrow and Alice very well. 

"Yeah, sure," Myles says.

We all drop our bags and let out a huge sigh. "So you guys said you're going to be here for the night. Where are you heading after here?" Briar asks more kindly than she did before. 

"We're travelling all around Florida," Jenny says. "Next up, we're headed to Daytona Beach."

"No way, so are we!" Hunter says looking diretcly at Sophie. Emily lets out a slight growl when she sees Hunter making direct eye contact with Sophie. "We should all go together." 

"I like that idea," Alice says looking at Myles. I swear if this ends in another fight and someone kisses someone they're not meant to, I am going to step in front of ongoing traffic. 


Nightfall comes and Jenny opens the bag full of spraycans. "What are you doing with those?" Myles asks. 

"We are going to vandalize Oak Woods by putting our name on some of the trees," Alice says.

"What's your name?"

"Renegades," I say. 

"You guys are going to piss off the park rangers," Myles says to us.

"Perfect," Alice says with an evil smile of her face. 


The five of us come back an hour later and Connor has started a fire with our other camping companions. I grab a soda off the table and curl up with Connor on one of the chairs. Emily sits next to Sophie, and she sits next to Hunter. Alice sits on the left of Myles and Briar sits on the right and Jenny sits on the log and looks like she is going to burst out into laughter because we all have a guy in our sight and Jenny can feel that something is going to go wrong. 

"So are you all from Florida?" Briar asks.

"Born and raised there," Jenny says staring into the flame. 

"Where are you all from?" I ask.

"We all grew up in Oregon," Myles says. "Briar and I are twins and Hunter is older than us by 10 months."

Sophie's POV

You could tell that Alice was happy that Briar was Myles' sister. The look on her face said it all. But Briar looked protective of Myles. 

Hunter looks directly at me and I turn away and look into the fire. I look back over at him and he is still staring at me. 

"What's your problem?" I ask him. 

"Nothing, just that you look really pretty," he says.

"That's bullshit," I reply.

"If you say so."

"You really think I look pretty?" I say.

"Didn't I just say that?"

"I haven't even known you for 24 hours and you're already hitting on me?" I hear Emily cough. I know she's protective of me but she has to let loose. I glare over at her and she puts her hands up in defence. 

"Why not?" Hunter says.

"Whatever," I pick up my bottle of vodka and go and sit next to Jenny on the log. 

"He likes you," Jenny says.

"You don't think I've noticed?" I say. "He's such a fuckboy though."

"All boys are at the start."

"How do you know all this stuff about guys?"

"Sophie, I have four older brothers and they are fuckboys. I am not even kidding. I went to a party with the brother that's a year older than me and, Jesus Christ, he would not give up."

"Okay, fair enough," I say with a laugh. Jenny and I put our bottles together and they make a clinking sound.


I look at my phone and it's 3am. I can hear Alice, Myles, Connor, Karina and Emily still talking and arguing. Emily is going on about how much of a dick Arrow was and Alice won't stop talking to Myles.
A few minutes later Alice comes into the tent and puts herself in the sleepingbag next to me. She goes on for about twenty minutes about how ripped Myles is.

"Alice," I hit her with a pillow. "GO TO SLEEP!"

"Gee, sorry," she says. "What do you like about Hunter?" 

"I am going to kick you out of the tent," I say. 


I wake up at 7am to the sound of the sizziling of a frypan. I grab my jacket out of my bag and walk outside. The cold air hits my face and I reach back inside the tent to grab my beanie but I can't find it. "Shit," I say.

"What's up?" It's Hunter.

"I can't find my beanie."

"Here, have mine."

"Uh, no thanks." Hunter walks over and puts his beanie on my head. He walks back over to where the frypan is and continues cooking breakfast.

Everyone gets up half an hour later and we all have breakfast. We then start to pack up our camp equiptment and we walk back to our cars and we start to drive to Daytona Beach.

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