Five best friends on an adventure, they pass through towns and the five of them are known as The Renegades


1. Miami

Sophie POV

My alarm goes off and I sit up in my bed with a jolt. I am actually glad the alarm went off because I was not enjoying that dream. I lay in bed for 10 minutes so I am late for school. I finally decide to pick myself up and I get changed into my light blue denim jeans and my school shirt and my tie. I pull my school jumper over the top and I lace up my black Converse. 

I walk through the hallway to the kitchen and I see my mum putting her anti-depressant pills in her mouth and swallowing them with a glass of water, or at least I think it's water. My little brother, Jax, comes running down the hallway and gives he a big hug. Every time my brother hugs me tight, I turn into a softie. I can't help but enjoy his small arms wrapped around me. 

"Go and get your bag Jax and I'll take you to school," I say. Jax nods his head and I turn to face my mother, knowing that she's going to say something. 

"Thank you so much Sophie for helping me," She says in her kind voice. I look at my mum and I shake my head. The smile immediately disappears as soon as I take that action. I honestly dislike my mother. She's the reason dad left.

Mum used to do tarot cards for people in the town. Someone found out how to read them and then mum decided to get her tarot cards read. The cards read that mum would suffer from depression and severe stress and anxiety, also that dad would leave her and her children would be troubled. 

Well there you go; Jax gets bullied at school because of mum and I have dyslexia and I also get bullied. The reason why dad isn't here is because he couldn't cope with mum. She tried committing suicide a couple of times and dad couldn't take it anymore. So he left. Dad was nice, he would walk me to school each morning and he would take care of Jax while mum was at work. I don't know where dad is now, he's constantly on the move so I don't figure out where he is. I've done that before, figured out where dad was, he ended up abusing me so then I ran back home. 

I bet your wondering what I am like now. Now? Well my classmates consider me a rebel, you know, breaking rules, making experiments go wrong in chemistry, vandalizing lockers. But I'm not the only one...

As Jax and I reach the front gate o his school, I pass him a piece of paper, folded in half four times. "What's this for?" He asks.

"I need you to give this piece of paper to your teacher, she will explain everything to you, okay?" I say to him.

"Is there something wrong?" He asks moving his head to the side.

"I'm not going to be around anymore. You might not see me again, for a while, but I can't be too sure," I say. "You are going to a special home where you will be safe and happy. Okay" 

"Okay," he says nodding his head. 

"But you have to promise me to be good?" I say.

"I promise," he says. "Pinkie promise." Our pinkie fingers intertwine and then I pull my little brother in for a hug. I am going to miss Jax so much, but I will definitely see him again, one day. 

I turn and leave the school, leaving Jax in the hands of his teacher. I grab my skateboard out of my bag and ride down the road to school. I reach the front of Miami High School and I get off my skateboard and walk to the front office.

"You're late Sophie, again," the lady sitting behind the desk says to me. "It's your last day before summer vacation and you decide to be late."

"Yep, but hey, that's typical Sophie," I say taking the blue slip out of her hands and walking casually down the hallway passing the science labs and other classrooms. I hear footsteps behind me, four people. I turn around slowly so I am walking backwards and facing the four people behind me.

"Karina, Alice, Jenny and Emily," I say with a smirk on my face. "What a lovely surprise."

"Hey, I may be rich, but that doesn't mean that I am one to get to school forever before the bell," Emily says.

"I'm just surprised that you guys actually showed up to do this with me," I say looking specifically at Alice.

"Hey, I wanna do this but I'm scared of the consequences," she says.

"You need to loosen up Alice," I say with a sigh. "Plus, we won't be around when they tell us what the consequences are."

"Alright, let's get this shit done!" Jenny says so the words echo through the hallway.

We reach the end of the hallway and Emily, Jenny and I get into places. We wait two minutes so the bell rings for recess and we can start our mastermind plan. I give Alice and Karina the signal and it all goes down.


The five of us run out of the gate of the school and go into the rain and thunderstorms of Miami. We run to the car park and by the time we reach Karina's van we are soaking wet.

"You guys are so lucky you put spare clothes in my van last night," Karina says. I pull out my high waisted shorts, my striped long sleeved top and my kimono that comes down to my knees.

"You know it's cold out there," Emily says.

"Yep," I say.

"Alright then..."

Alice jumps in the drives seat and Jenny calls shotgun. Karina throws Alice the keys and she starts the car. We drive out of the carpark and I dump myself on one of the beds in the back of the aqua kombi van.

"So which town shall we enjoy and destroy first?" Jenny asks.

"First on our list is Dunedin," Emily says. "If we get on the freeway here, we should get there by sunset."

"Perfect," I say. Alice gets on to the freeway and she starts to drive at one hundred miles an hour. I turn on the heater and lie down on the bed ready for a solid 9 hours of driving.

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