Five best friends on an adventure, they pass through towns and the five of them are known as The Renegades


3. Islamorada

Karina POV

Connor toots the horn of his car and I turn around and look through the window at the back of the van. Arrow places a piece of paper on the front window. It has numbers on it so I'm guessing it's a phone number. I take my phone off charge and call the number. It starts to ring and I put it on speaker.

"We're gonna have to pull over because Connor's bladder and my bladder is going to burst," Arrow says.

"Fuck Arrow," Sophie says. "We don't have time for people to go and do their buisness."

"We have to be in Islamorada in 2 hours," I say. "There's a petrol station coming up soon, you will have two minutes, anymore than 2, we will take the keys outta the ute and leave you bastards stranded in the middle of nowhere."

"You better be joking," Arrow says.

"Listen, Arrow. When I'm having fun with my friends and we're ruining small towns that don't have a population more than 300 people, I don't joke around."

"Fair enough."

I hang up the phone and the van speeds up a little so we can fit in the boys' toilet break. 


We reach the petrol station and the boys jump out of their ute. "TWO FUCKING MINUTES!!!" I yell. I set the timer.

"If they aren't back, Emily you need to get the keys and run," Jenny says. "We can not miss out on quality skateboarding time, okay?"

"On it!" She jumps out of the van and waits near the boys' car. 

"They've got thirty seconds!" I yell. At twenty seconds they run out of the bathrooms on the side of the station and sprint to the car. At fifteen seconds they are half way to the car. At ten seconds they're less than a foot from the car and at five seconds they start the engine.

"Fuck you guys are so fucking lucky," I say.

"You have such a foul mouth," Arrow says. 

"Thank you."

"That wasn't a compliment."

"Then next time, don't make it sound like one," I stick up my middle finger and we drive off with the boys behind us.


Two hours pass and we get off the freeway. We arrive at Islamorada and Jenny parks the van on the main street. Alice opens the double doors at the back and opens a hole in the floor of the car. "Sorry boys, but we only have five," She says. "Two of you have to share." She says looking at the four of us.

"Um, okay," I say. "I'll share with Connor."

"Cool, I'll take Arrow," Emily says. 

We close and lock up the van and everyone but Connor and I start skateboarding. I look over at Emily to see how she's riding the skateboard with Arrow. She holds onto Arrow's shoulders and he does the rest of the work. 

"Do you wanna..." Connor says to me.

"Oh, um, yeah sure," I say uneasily. 

He gets on the front of the board and I get on the back. We start to move and I grab onto his shoulders. "Fuck," I whisper.

"Hey, don't worry, I won't let you fall," He says. He starts to go a bit faster and we go over a bump. I get a fright and I put my arms around his waist. 

He grabs my hands and pulls me around infront of me, while the skateboard is moving. "How are you so comfortable with this?" I shout over the wind.

"You can learn a lot when you live in a town for a good six years," he says. He pulls my arms out to the side and he holds onto my hands. I feel like Rose and Jack from Titanic when I'm like this. He puts his head on my shoulder and looks straight ahead.

"You okay there?" I ask him.

"Yep," He tuens his head and kisses me on the cheek.

"Fuck you," I say with a laugh.

"Fuck you too," He says with a smile on his face.


Nightfall comes and we eat Chinese food from one of the take away restaurants on the Main Street.

Once we finish, us five girls get changed into our black clothes and walk to one of the bare walls behind the street.

"What the bloody hell are you guys doing?" Arrow says.

"We're going to trash the town, like we did in Dunedin," Alice says.

"I will laugh if you get caught by the police," Connor says.

"How about, you just stay in the ute and not bother us while we do our thing. Fair enough?" I say

"Alright, whatever," Connor closes the door of the ute and blasts music through the speakers.

"They're fucking idiots I swear," Jenny says.

"We need to leave them stranded somewhere?" Sophie says.

"When we get to The Villages, okay?" I say.

"Sound like a plan," sophie grabs a spray can out of the bags and starts helping me outline the word 'renegades'.

Once we've finished, we walk back over to the van and open it up. "So what did you guys do?" Arrow asks.

"Go and see for yourself," I say. The boys walk over to the wall and take a look at our name and symbol.

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