Five best friends on an adventure, they pass through towns and the five of them are known as The Renegades


2. Dunedin

Emily POV

Alice turns the car towards the exit of the freeway. I stick my head out the window and I look at the sign:

'Dunedin - 10 miles

Islamorada - 50 miles

Safety Harbour - 100 miles

"10 miles to go guys," I say closing the window. "What's the time?"

"4:59," Jenny says. "We should get there around 5:20pm."

"Just in time to see the sunset," Karina says.

Sophie comes into the back of the van and sets rules. "1. If we fall for a guy, we gotta break their heart because we don't have time for that shit, 2. Fitness is required in order to run from the cops, so 4am in the morning we go for a 5k run, 3. we change our names every time we come into contact with the cops."

"Fair enough," I say. "Oh, after sunset, we need to stop at the nearest supermarket or something so we can get cans of spray paint."

"Yes, we need to do that," Jenny says. I look out the window and enjoy the view of the mountainside. 


We finally arrive in the peak of one of the mountains so we can watch the sunset. We open the double doors at the back of the van and the five of us sit there and watch the sunset go down over the mountains. 

"Who's ready to go and fuck shit up?" Alice yells.

"We are!" We yell in response.

"Who's ready to go and destroy a town?" She yells again.

"We are!" We yell again.

"Who needs a couple of large pizzas?" She says pulling out sixty dollars from her wallet.

"We do," we all laugh and close the van. Alice hops in the drivers seat again and this time I take the passengers seat at the front.

We arrive in town a few minutes later and I run into the pizza shop and collect the pizzas. I get back in the car and Alice drives the car to the car park around the back. I spread out the pizza boxes in the back on the beds. Sophie grabs a few cans of soft drink from the fridge in the corner. "If you guys spill anything in this van, I will physically fight you," Karina says and laughs a little.

The five of us sit in a circle talking and laughing about random shit and stuffing our faces with pizza. 

We finish four of five large pizzas. "The last box is our breakfast, okay?" I say.

"Yep," they all say. 

"Awesome, lets go get these spray cans." I say. We drive to the small supermarket near the freeway and we all get out.

"Alright, I wrote down the colours that we need to get," Sophie says. She pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket and reads it out. "We need 8 cans of black, white," she says. "5 cans of purple, green, orange, pink, blue and grey in pastels, two different shades of blue and green and also yellow and red."

"We've got 8 minutes, so lets go!" I yell. The five of us run into the supermarket and raid the shelves. 

The five of us reach the cash register, hyperventilating all at once. I look up at the guy at the register and hand him a hundred dollars. "Keep the change, don't worry about a receipt," I say. He puts all the cans in bags and looks at the five of us weirdly. 

"What?" Jenny says. "Do you have a problem punk?"

"Uh, no.." the guy at the register says. I look at his name tag and it says 'Connor'. 

"Hey, listen Connor," I say looking directly into his green eyes. "We don't have time for you to pack bags slowly and give us funny looks." He picks the pace up a little after I said that. I think I scared him.

"I'm just confused why you need so many spray cans?" He asks. 

"If you want to know, after you finish your ten hour shift, you can come and search for us," Alice says. "Bye!"

We run out of the store carrying one bag each and jump into the car. Jenny takes the wheel and the rest of us sit in the back of the van. 

"Alright," Sophie says. "What's the design?" She says looking over at Karina. Karina puts a piece of paper on the fold out table. The piece of paper has all different colours here and there. It says 'Renegades'.

"So that's what we're going to be labelled as, 'renegades'," Alice says. "I like it!" 

"Good," I say. "Let's go paint the town with it!" 

Jenny pulls up on the side of the road and we open the door without making a noise. We approach the brick wall on the side of the building and I start to shake the black spray can. 

I create the black outline of the letters and then Alice, Jenny, Sophie and Karina fill the letters in with all the colours. 


I wake up in the morning to the sound of a car pulling up beside the van. I lift myself up off the mattress and stare down at my hands. Fuck, they're black from the spray paint last night. I pick up a pair of gloves from Jenny's bag and put them on my hands. 

I jump into the front seat and get out of the car. I walk around the otherside of the van and I see a black ute. Two boys get out. I tilt my head to the side and squint my eyes. 

"You're Connor? Aren't you?" I say. "The guy from the supermarket."

"Uh, yeah," he says rubbing his neck. "You guys said I could search for you once I finished my shift, so that's what I did."

"You know we were being sarcastic right?" I say.

"You were?" he questions.

"I swear men are hopeless," I say. "Wanna introduce me to your friend?"

"Uh.. yeah, um... this is Arrow."

"Hey," I say. 

"Emily, who the f-," Sophie walks out of the van and stands next to me. "Connor? what the hell are you doing here?"

"I searched for you, like your other friend suggested for me to do," he says.

"Alice was being sarcastic, you know?" Sophie says.

"I already told him that," I say. "This is Arrow."

"Hey, you're Sophie?"

"Yeah," She says. Alice, Karina and Jenny come out a few minutes later.

"Now, you two can either follow us to Islamorada or you can stay in this shit hole that we trashed last night," Karina says.

"We'll follow you," Arrow and Connor say in unison.

"Alright we leave in 20 minutes," Alice says. 


Twenty minutes passes and we are on our way to Islamorada with the boys.

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