Fixing my life

* Note that this is a sequal to Being reckless one more time. Highly suggested you read that first! *
Hannah has been struggling to be herself and to finial break free of the mold her parent's have set her in. After struggling with former relentionships she is now starting collage. Learning and growing. However, she is still struggling with her Ex; Ashton Irwin. Even if there friends, she still misses him but is too scared to start things up again. He has been patiently waiting for her , but could it be too late. Will she move on or will he? As Hannah tries to find her self , she is trying to decided their fate.

[ so this is probably the worse blurb ever! I will try and edit as I continue the story, but please give this a chance and read the first story in case you have not yet. Also please feel free to comment and like and favorite, it would mean a lot thanks! Xoxox]


7. Chapter seven

 Hannah's P.O.V

           I sat in silence, contemplating how I got there. Before I could move or get up Ashton rolled around wrapping his arms around as he stayed asleep. I was not going to lie, it felt nice being in his arms. I feel warm and protected, but I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach thqt I shouldn't stay and lead him on. I slowly unraveled myself from him and went to my small but useful kitchen. I got a protein bar and some water. I left a not for the sleepy boys I will be back soon. I went out and walked around my campus getting some air. Thinking; about me, about Ashton, About us, and most of all about what's in store! 

    I felt the breeze on my face as I walk around. I lost track of time as I walked around randomly. Soon I headed back to the dorm halls. As I came close to the door way, I notice  familiar person standing just outside. When Ashton notice me to, he smiled and said," I was just about to send a search party for you!" I laughed and replied with," Well you barely know where you are your self , so I think leading a search party to find me will only get you guys lost." He chuckled and then said," So , why are you always leaving to walk and such?" I shrug my shoulders and said," Well,  usually back at home, I would go to the club, or just the other side of town as you know. And I don't really know any clubs I could sneak into or where I could go since I don't know this place as well, so I walk. I walk to calm down, to get a bigger picture, to think, and in general take actual pictures. It helps a lot and it just clears my head." He nodded with me then pointed towards a bench. I followed him and we sat down.

       After a brief moment of silence , he spoke up and said," I know this may be touchy a little, but how have you been since what happen .."I took in a sharp breath and said," Tough, but good. I am actually better, but some things are still a struggle." He looked at me and said," That's good, I am glad you are getting better." After that all you could hear is the wind going past us. Everything that has already happen can sum up my week with the guys.  We had fun, crazy, sad, emotional, and odd moments. I guess what got to me the most was what happen right before they left.

                The week came to an end, they were all packed up and packing the car. I was sad my best of friends had to leave. We all said goodbye by hugging and telling our inside jokes. When It came to Ashton however, he waited till the end, till everyone was in the car and then said in a quiet voice," Can we speak just over there?" pointing to the pole not that far. I nodded and when we got there, he kind of was confused. He sighed and said," Listen I know you said you needed time and that I have every right to move on Hannah, but I can't move on if I don't know about us. I love you and nothing will change how i felt, but I need to know before I go home right now if you choose me. I need to know that we can go on back to the way we were or try at least. I need to know that there is hope. " Tears were forming in my eyes and I didn't know what to say, or how to say it. I looked at him and see tears forming to. I got the courage and stuttered out," I-I d-d-on't know," But before I could finish what I was going to say he says," I can't wait for ever and if that's how you feel I guess we should move on." I looked at him and said, BUT!" he shook his head and said," don't make this any harder!" He walked away to the car an as he got in and they pulled away , I whispered to my self," But I love you and don't want to let you go....I need you!" The tears pour and I walked over to Blake since he also said goodbye and said," He's gone for good! He held me close and said," Shush it's okay!"





                           Okay thanks for waiting and I have great news, I can update more because I finial got a laptop and now I can easily update without any problems. I am going t try and update as much as I can , but keep in mind I am in school so I can only update as much if I don't got a lot going on in that department. Thanks for reading, comment what you think will happen next !?

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