Fixing my life

* Note that this is a sequal to Being reckless one more time. Highly suggested you read that first! *
Hannah has been struggling to be herself and to finial break free of the mold her parent's have set her in. After struggling with former relentionships she is now starting collage. Learning and growing. However, she is still struggling with her Ex; Ashton Irwin. Even if there friends, she still misses him but is too scared to start things up again. He has been patiently waiting for her , but could it be too late. Will she move on or will he? As Hannah tries to find her self , she is trying to decided their fate.

[ so this is probably the worse blurb ever! I will try and edit as I continue the story, but please give this a chance and read the first story in case you have not yet. Also please feel free to comment and like and favorite, it would mean a lot thanks! Xoxox]


1. Chapter one

Hannah's P.O.V

         It's been four months since I have seen the guys. In the four month's I have delt with my parents. Yelling and treating me like some kind of horrible person. They didn't really let me leave the house, unless it was to see Blake who bought an apartment by collage. I have tried to spend as much time with him as possible. Since the whole suicide incidents they have started to blame the doings on Ashton. Saying I shouldn't have been dating a guy like him or hanging out downtown. I stood up to them. Telling them how I felt and how I wanted to be treated. However, they refuse to give me any. I guess I knew all along that my parents would not be like one of those cheese Disney movies where they collapse crying saying ," Oh how could we be so blind. We treated you so horrible!"  I think it was more for me.

       My summer was horrible because of them, but The minute I got to go to collage was the minute things offical changed. I got my own room with aroommate, who is similar to me. Blake has been amazing at helping me stay strong and keeping my head up. I was actually happy. I was no longer just the shawdow I was the last few years, Iw as the girl I always knew I could be. Even with a short four months passing, I changed a lot. I changed my hair color to more of a violet, but I mean that isn't exactly what I meant. I was actually better at going to parties , infact Blake took me to some and I didn't have to leave and I partcicpated. I just wasn't a hollow body any more.

   Like I said, I haven't seen the guys atvall , but Luke and I have texted and skype. He has been an amazing friend too for the days I could not go see Blake he has helped me by listening. During those calls or skype calls Ashton wanted to talk to me a lot , but I never stayed long. I needed time a way from. He needed time away from me. During this time I missed him so. I wanted to just to crawl back to him and just tuck my self in his chest. I wanted to go and eat gummy worms while watching movies, but I knew If I did so that It would end in tragedy. I had to learn who I was and I had to learn to love myself. I was closer than ever and I knew that soon I could. That I could go and kiss him on our tree.I could just lay with him all day in bed. I could run my hands through his hair. 

            After I finial finished moving in to my dorm I decided to walk around campus. I brought my camera with me to take some pictures. The sun was setting and things looked fine. I sat on a bench and started to take some pictures, until some one stood right infront of my lens. I looked up to see a tall guy. I lifted and eyebrow up at him and said ," You know if you wanted your picture taken, you could always ask!" He chuckled and sat down next to me. " I'll remember that next time, but I just saw you here and thought to give you company," I smiled and said ," I wonder what brought umpon that impression, was it the focused look, or was it a giant sign behind me I didn't notice." He chuckled again and replied with," Okay so maybe I been caught ,but I just thought to come introduce myself to you, I am Colton. I just wanted to get to know you?" I shook my head and and said ," Well, It is a pleasure to meet you Colton, I am Hannah if you must know!" He smiled ," So , what are you taking pictures of?" I looked at him and said ," If you must know, just random things. I like to go through them later and pick out my favorites then make a collage or something." I held up my camera and snapped a few more pictures. " Hmm , sounds intresting you'll have to show me sometime!" I looked at him and said ," Are you serious?" He looked werid and said," To be honest I do , but I would also love to take you out sometime todo?" I shook my head and said ," I'll be glad to show you my collection, but no to going out, sorry."  He looked at me werid and said," You got a boyfriend?l I shrugged and said ," No, but I got a complicsted relationship already!" He sighed and said ," How about friends then?" I rolled my eyes and said," We will see!" I then proceed to walk away.

         A/N so this is the first chapter to the sequal. I really hope you guys are going to enjoy this. 

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