Fixing my life

* Note that this is a sequal to Being reckless one more time. Highly suggested you read that first! *
Hannah has been struggling to be herself and to finial break free of the mold her parent's have set her in. After struggling with former relentionships she is now starting collage. Learning and growing. However, she is still struggling with her Ex; Ashton Irwin. Even if there friends, she still misses him but is too scared to start things up again. He has been patiently waiting for her , but could it be too late. Will she move on or will he? As Hannah tries to find her self , she is trying to decided their fate.

[ so this is probably the worse blurb ever! I will try and edit as I continue the story, but please give this a chance and read the first story in case you have not yet. Also please feel free to comment and like and favorite, it would mean a lot thanks! Xoxox]


9. Chapter nine

Hannah's P.O.V  

           Some guy immediately stepped in front of my camera, I lowered it down and said," You're in my view!" When the light finial hit the guy in the face I noticed it was Colton . He smirked and," Honey, I am the view!" I laughed and said," May I help you?" He put his arm around me and said," It is not about how you can help me, but how I can help you." I laughed and said," How can you help me then?" He smiled and said, By accompanying me to a dance." I smiled and said," For a friend, anything." He grabbed my arm quickly and said," Let us slow dance." While everyone was dancing at a hyper rate to the fast pace song, me and him waltz in the middle of then all. 

             He was telling me jokes as we twirled around. I was laughing the whole time, after a few songs he then said," Wanna walk back?" I nodded my head and left. As we were walking down the street  it got really chilly. Colton then handed me his coat. I smiled and said, Thanks." he then spoke up and said," So why were you at the club?" I shrug and said," My friend dragged me there to try and get out of my funk with Ashton and ya. I guess I just followed with her ." The moment was quiet and  then he said," I know something happened and you haven't really explained much, do you mind enlightening me?" I shrugged and said," We broke up after he cheated on me and after a series of events we still had feelings, but I knew I needed to find myself and here I am. I told him he could date anyone and one day we can get on the right track. Before he left he said he cannot move on unless he knows for sure and I told him I don't know and before I could finish he took that as my answer and left forever! We, forever as in I'm probably never going to get him back."



                      This is a short chapter , but I am kind of stuck and I don't know if I want to continue this, What's the point of writing if it's just to myself. I might stop writing and I't  don't know . Please just leave some kind of feed back I guess if you want me to continue ... but I don't know anymore.

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