Fixing my life

* Note that this is a sequal to Being reckless one more time. Highly suggested you read that first! *
Hannah has been struggling to be herself and to finial break free of the mold her parent's have set her in. After struggling with former relentionships she is now starting collage. Learning and growing. However, she is still struggling with her Ex; Ashton Irwin. Even if there friends, she still misses him but is too scared to start things up again. He has been patiently waiting for her , but could it be too late. Will she move on or will he? As Hannah tries to find her self , she is trying to decided their fate.

[ so this is probably the worse blurb ever! I will try and edit as I continue the story, but please give this a chance and read the first story in case you have not yet. Also please feel free to comment and like and favorite, it would mean a lot thanks! Xoxox]


4. Chapter four

Hannah's P.O.V

  When Coltan left, I closed my dorm door. The minute I did I heard Calum ask," So who was that?" I looked at the ground and said ," That is Coltan I met him yesterday and he took me for Ice cream this morning." Michael then said ," You shouldn't just hang out with conplete strangers!" I looked at him and said ," Says the stranger who forced me to hang out with him!" He chuckled and said ,"True!"  I caught Ashton starring at me weridly. I guess this is just as awkward for him. I sat on the couch and said ," So what do you guys want to do?" They all squished me on the couch and Luke said ," Well, we're all dead beat tired so how about first order of business is take a nap!" I laughed and said ," The sounds fine , but how are.we.going tonarrange this I only have a couch and a bed!" Micheal got up and said ," How about you and Luke take the bed and we can take the couch?" I got up and helping Luke too and said ," I'm fine with that!" I caught another glimpse of Ashton and his eyes looked darker than normal. 

      Before I got into the bed with Luke I changed into soem comfortable shorts and t-shirt. I then got in under the covers. I looked at Luke and said ," So how's it been?" He sighed and said ," Okay I mean everything kind of went back to our old routine." I sighed and said," At least it was better then mine. It has been a total disaster. My parents basically kept me inside under their watch all summer. It wasn't even because lf the suicide thing, it was because they didn't want me to hang out with people like you guys anymore!"  Luke looked at me and said," Well it is now my mission to vrinv you some kind of joy." I laughed and said ," Why thank you, I hope you can fulfill this mission too!" At that we just stopped talking and we fell asleep. 

      Luke and I wewere abruptly woke up by water. All three boys toof at the end of the bed. And I also realized that while me and Luke were asleep we ended up snuggling. I looked up and said ," THANK YOU SO MUCH I AM NOW SOAKED!"  I calmed down and then said ," I am going to clean up and I expect that you take care of the water kn the floor too!" I go ibto my bathroom. I look into the mirror at me amd tears went down my face. I know that was a little harsh , but mmy antidepressants have been causing me to have mood swings.  I sighed and dried my self off. I then extied the bathroom and looked at the boys trying to clean up." I'm sorry I over reacted it's okay I got it. " I got several towels and layed them over the mess to soak.  I looked at the guys and said," How about we go to Blake's house?" They all nodded in agreement . I grabbed a purse snd then we hit the road. 

   Since Blake was right by the collage it didn't take long. We went up to his apartment and Blake let us in. I sighed and said ," I'll be right back ,I forgot my purse in the car."

Ashton's P.o.V

      When I saw her with that guy it killed me , it didnt help that Luke got to sleep in the same bed as her, and worst part is we woke them up cuddling. It hurt me inside watching her live life without me. She changed so much to, her hair was a differnt color and her overall presence was different. Exspecially when she lashed out on us it wasn't like her. When she left to go get her purse I took the chance to ask Blake." Hey Blake, I got a question." He turned to me and said ," Which is.." I looked down and said ," Is everything with Hannah alright?" He then pulled me to a more private area so the other boys wouldn't hear." listen Hannah is better then she was before, but in a way she's kind of worse. The doctors have her on several medicines that have different sid affects like mood swings and stuff and she just is little more sensitive in a way now.She has burst out on me too or broke down. I mean she hates it, it kind of makes herf feel worse , but it's better than the medicine that msde her to lazy to do anything! Try to keep this on the down low though. She doesn't really want people to know." I nodded my head and said," Can't she come off the medicine now?" he shook his head and said ," Theybare slowly taking her off , but with her previous record of her incidents they don't want to take her off too soon this time for health reasons. " I sighed amd said ," That sucks!" He nodded and said ," She also didn't want todo daily therapy soon once a month tjey bring her to the hospital one weekend for a mental break and it really kills her inside."    We both heard her re-enter his apartment so we went back out ending the conversation.

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