Fixing my life

* Note that this is a sequal to Being reckless one more time. Highly suggested you read that first! *
Hannah has been struggling to be herself and to finial break free of the mold her parent's have set her in. After struggling with former relentionships she is now starting collage. Learning and growing. However, she is still struggling with her Ex; Ashton Irwin. Even if there friends, she still misses him but is too scared to start things up again. He has been patiently waiting for her , but could it be too late. Will she move on or will he? As Hannah tries to find her self , she is trying to decided their fate.

[ so this is probably the worse blurb ever! I will try and edit as I continue the story, but please give this a chance and read the first story in case you have not yet. Also please feel free to comment and like and favorite, it would mean a lot thanks! Xoxox]


5. Chapter five

Hannah's P.O.V

        When I got back up to the apartment the boys seemed settled down.  I sat down on the couch and let out a groan. The next thing I know I am the bottom of a dog pile.Theast person on was facing me and it was Luke. He gave me a cheeky smile. " Luke , please get off!" He shook his head and said," Sorry I cannot do that!" I rolled my eye's and said ," Do you want to play this game?" He shook his head yes and then I said ," BLAKEEEEEEEE I AM BEEING HARASSED!" Immediately all three boys got off. When Blake came by he then looked at me and I said ," Sorry I was just testing in case of emergencies. I then gave the boys a winning glare.

            I got bored, so I decided to go into Blake's party games cabinet. I looked around and found the perfect game; Twister. I got it out and said ," Who wants to play twister. Immediately they all popped their head's up. Blake looked at me and said ," Well, I got to go grab our food so I'll be back, have fun!" He left and Michael already grabbed the game from me and started to set it up . Calum had a smirk on.his face amd said," I think we should make this intresting!" I raised and eyebrow and said ," Interesting how?" He looked at all the boys and said ," We could play strip twister, every person, but the one winner of each game will take off one artical until they are in their underwear!" I sighed and said," That is total not fair since I am the only girl and you guys have already seen each other in your underwear!" Michael chuckles and said ," Are you a chicken!" I glared at him and said ,"Fine let's do this!" Each boy was shocked at my words.

    We all got at one end of the board , expect for the spinner! " Hannah left foot blue." "Calum right hand yellow." " Micheal right foot green." " Luke left hand red."Soon enough we were all tangled in a mess. Michael was going through my legs, Luke was over me and Calum over Luke Eventually Calum couldn't hold himself so we all fell one by one. Makeing Michael the winner since he fell last. I sighed and took off my socks while Luke and Calum took of their shirts. Michael and Ashton swtiched. The game kept going till Ibwas left in just my pants, calum and luke their socks, Micheal Everything, and Ashton His shirt.  This last game was for all the marbles since after this we will all be in our underwear but Michael. 

     We all got tangled fast and eventually we fell. Ashton fell ontop of me our faces millimeters apart. Our lips practically touching, but they weren't I then heard him say," You're wearing the necklace.!" I looked down to see the camers charm necklace that he got me months ago.I then looked up at him and said with a smirk," So you were looking at my boobs too then!" He got off of me and was very flustered," UMMM I umm no!" I shook me head and said ," The only way to see it was to look!" I turned around and looked at Calum and Luke and said ," Time to take off the lsst bit of clothiNG!" At that we all took of our last artically and I then Looked at Michael and said ," Before we end this I want to make one last deal with you since you failed to take off any clothing. We both play one final round loser streaks in there underwear around the hall. He smirked and said," Deal!" Our solo game went on for about twenty minutes both of us on top of our game , both of us almost slipping several times. The other guys taking bets on us. Eventualy one of us fell....


        Michael toppled down and cheered and said ," In your face!" Michael groaned and said," Oh fine let's get this over with!" He stripped to his boxers and said," Yolo, then taken off down the hall way. We went out to see him running around as fast as possible. We even our someone shrieked just a bit.  He made in back inside and we all collapsed laugjing. Soon enough Blake got back and his face was priceless." I'm scared to asked why you are all in you underwear!" I laughed and said ," Calum had us played strip twister." I then picked up Michael's shirt put it on followed my pants!" Michael looked at me and said ," Really now what will I wear!" I rolled my eyes and said," Get another shirt your suit case is here!" 

   We all ate and eventually I had to get back to my dorm. I was going to walk but Ashton said he can drive me." We both got in the car and it was silence. I turned on the radio and Green Day played. We stopped at a light and it was very tensed. I sighed and took a breath. When we got to the building I was going to get out an say goodbye, but Ashton got out too! I looked at him amd he said ," I want to walk you up there!" The walk felt longer than it was when we finial got to my door I turned to say good bye. Ashtonbstarted to lean in, at first I thought it was a kiss, but he hugged me instead!l

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