Senior Year. ( *punk* lrh fan fic)

"Hey watch were you're going" A deep annoyed voice said filling my ears knowing exactly who it is.

"Not my fault your ass is standing in the middle of the hall." I fought back

"Feisty I like that." The blondie smirked eyeing me up and down. " I'm Luke."

"Yeah I know who you are." I pushed past him without another word.

Little did Mia know that the bad boy in school would change her senior year.


49. You up for it.?

*tomrrow night.*

Malia's (P.O.V)

I look in the mirror applying eyeliner. "Wow you really are into this huh." Tory giggles walking out the bathroom looking at me.

I smile and nod. "Totally." I fix my skin tight black short dress an black heels. I fix my wavy hair putting some over my shoulder.

"Have you seen my heels.?" Tory asked looking around the room.

"Oh yeah you let it outside Stiles room when you went to the bathroom." I say walking to my bed.

She nods and walks out.

I grab my phone unlocking it.

'Hey you up for a party.?' I text him.

'Hey and when tonight.?'


'Sure is it ok if my friends go as well.'

'The more the better.'

'Great night on my way to your house if you need a ride.'

'Sure I'll see you soon.'

I smirk and lock my phone. "What up with the smirk.?" Tory asks walking in with her heel in her hand.

"Nothing just thinking about what's gonna happen tonight." I shrug.

"What finally getting laid by Luke." She chuckles.

"Nah never." I mumble.

"Well you ready.? We gotta get going." She says finish putting her heels on.

"You can go im etting a ride." I say.

"Oh lukes picking you up.?" She asks.

"Nah I invited someone to the party." I smirk.

"Who...?" She asked raising a eyebrow.

I smirked "Harry."

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