Senior Year. ( *punk* lrh fan fic)

"Hey watch were you're going" A deep annoyed voice said filling my ears knowing exactly who it is.

"Not my fault your ass is standing in the middle of the hall." I fought back

"Feisty I like that." The blondie smirked eyeing me up and down. " I'm Luke."

"Yeah I know who you are." I pushed past him without another word.

Little did Mia know that the bad boy in school would change her senior year.


27. Where's Malia.

Luke's (P.O.V)

"Hey have you seen Milia.?" I asked Tory while looking down at my phone.

"No I thought she would come to school with you." Tory said closing her locker.

"She didn't. She didn't text me last night."I said worried.

      "She didn't answer her phone." She said unlocking her phone.

      "I'm getting worried. She's not one to not answer." I said rubbing the back of my neck.

     "Maybe Gabe or Carter have seen her." She said point in at them as they walked towards us.

     "Hey T." Gabe said and giving me a small smile.

     "Hey have you seen M.?" She asked.

     "No isn't she usually with you since you pick her up." Carter asked confused.

     "She didn't answer her phone and I called her 5 times." Tory said rubbing her forehead.

      "Where can she be.?" I asked getting scared at the moment.

     "Ummm oh maybe she's at the pier." Tory said.

      "Then let's go." I said walking out the school door not caring if the teachers saw.


   Malia's (P.O.V)

   I had my head leaving back as I tried opening my eyes but I still saw darkness as if something was covering my head. I breathed heavy trying to catch my breath. I tried moving but my arms and legs were handcuffed to a medal chair.

     "Uugh HELP." I yelled trying to move the chair. "ANYONE.!" I cried.

     "No ones gonna hear don't try." A deep familiar voice spoke.

     "W-who are you.? What do you want from me.?" I asked trying to see through the sack that's covering my head.

      "I'm your true lover Malia. All I want is you." He spoke as he softly removed the sack.

     There he saw looking straight at me with his grey blue eyes. As his bangs hanged from his forehead.

    "Travis.? What the hell.!"I yelled trying to get out the handcuffs.

    "Well I'm surprised you even remember my name after you've fucked your schools man whore." He smirked.

    "Let me go." I said looking up at him.

      "Nah you'll say here till your little Romeo comes and gets you." He said taking out a gun from behind him.

     "I will have you Malia. One way or another."

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