Senior Year. ( *punk* lrh fan fic)

"Hey watch were you're going" A deep annoyed voice said filling my ears knowing exactly who it is.

"Not my fault your ass is standing in the middle of the hall." I fought back

"Feisty I like that." The blondie smirked eyeing me up and down. " I'm Luke."

"Yeah I know who you are." I pushed past him without another word.

Little did Mia know that the bad boy in school would change her senior year.


23. Nothing New.

Malia's (P.O.V)

It's been a week since I stared dating Luke. And to be honest I've never seen that side of Luke before, loving,sweet,and one thing you should know is that he loves to cuddle. As for Calum and Tory there're the schools new "it" couple. I'm actually happy for her, Calum's been really good with her..better be.

      "So what are you doing tonight.?" Tory said placing her books in her locker.

     "Luke's taking me to see a movie." I said taking out my history book out my locker.

     "Ooo do you guys even plan on watching it." Tory smirked.

     "I'm not I don't know about her." A deep accent said from behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. I turned my head to she Luke as he winked at me.

   I chuckled before closing my locker."I'm not messing that movie." I joked.

    "Hm what if we see it now and have tonight to ourselves." He suggested smiling at me.

    "But we're in school." I said looking at Tory.

    "Let's ditch babe." Luke winked.

    "Well if you haven't noticed I'm trying to leave the whole ditching and detention girl I was last year." I said walking towards him.

    "I mean one time won't hurt. It's nothing new to you."He said pulling me closer by my waist.

    "Fine." I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

     He smiling before leaning down to kiss my lips. His lips were soft and tasted like vanilla mixed with coconut. I pulled away before the bell rang.

    "Well you two have fun mean while I'm stick going to English." Tory whined.

    "Who said you weren't coming with us." Luke said lifting an eyebrow.

    "What.?" Tory asked confused.

    "Calum's outside." He said looking over his shoulder to the front door.

    "I'm guessing you had this planned." I said looking up at him.

     "Yes yes I did." I smiled pecking her cheek.

     "Well let's go." Tory said closing her locker.

    "We have to wait till the hall in empty." I said pulling away from Luke."We'll meet you out front." I told Luke before going to the girls bathroom with Tory.


    "Is there anyone.?" Tory asked as I peeked out the bathroom door.

    "No lets go fast before someone sees us." I said opening the door more so Tory can walk out with me."On three we make a run for it."



      "Hey why aren't you in class.?!" I teacher yelled from behind us.

     "3.!" I yelled running down the hall to the front door.

   We ran to Calum's car getting in.

   "Go go.!" Me and Tory said in unison.

   Calum stepped on the gas speeding out the parking lot . As me and Tory laughed our heads off.

    "Ready to go to my place." Luke whispered in my ear.

    "Wait what."

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