Senior Year. ( *punk* lrh fan fic)

"Hey watch were you're going" A deep annoyed voice said filling my ears knowing exactly who it is.

"Not my fault your ass is standing in the middle of the hall." I fought back

"Feisty I like that." The blondie smirked eyeing me up and down. " I'm Luke."

"Yeah I know who you are." I pushed past him without another word.

Little did Mia know that the bad boy in school would change her senior year.


10. Maybe I do...

Luke's (P.O.V)

"So she heard the conversation.?" Calum asked for the thousandth time.

     "Yes how many fucking times do I have to say it." I raised my voice rubbing my forehead.

      "Dude calm down, you've never been like this before with any other girl." Ashton spoke up.

       "Maybe I won't be like this if you haven't called me and ruined everything." I said walking over to Ashton.

       "How was I supposed to know you were with her.?" Ashton asked backing away from me.

       "Could've texted me instead of calling me. Since when do you call.?" I pointed out.

        " I didn't even know you guys talked." Michael said joining the conversation.

       "Well thanks to Ashton I don't think we will anytime soon." I said angrily.

       "Doesn't matter cuz if she found out what you made Travis do she won't even want to see you." Ashton said shaving me.

         I grabbed my jacket and heading out Calum's house without another word.

        I walked to the park that Malia took me after school. It gave me time and peace to think about what Ashton said. He was right I've never been like this about a girl before. But maybe it was cuz I never got rejected before. Or... No I can't. But maybe I do. NO I don't. But she's all I think about since she bumped into me today. I didn't even know she went to the school until today. I can't have feelings for her. The last time I had real feelings for someone didn't end to good. And what if she found out what I made Travis do at the summer party.

      Maybe I should tell her I can't hide anything else from her anymore and maybe she'll understand.

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