Senior Year. ( *punk* lrh fan fic)

"Hey watch were you're going" A deep annoyed voice said filling my ears knowing exactly who it is.

"Not my fault your ass is standing in the middle of the hall." I fought back

"Feisty I like that." The blondie smirked eyeing me up and down. " I'm Luke."

"Yeah I know who you are." I pushed past him without another word.

Little did Mia know that the bad boy in school would change her senior year.


53. Graduation.

Malia's (P.O.V)

I sighed looking at myself in the mirror fixing my gown. It's here. Graduation day. I thought i would be excited for this but to be honest...I really wasn't.

"There's are babygirl." A soft voice said.

I turn to see my mum smiling at me already prepared to go. I smile at her and get up from my sit. My parents flew in last night to see me graduate but sadly they're leaving tomorrow morning to England.

"Ready to go princess.?" My dad asked smiling.

I simply nod and walk out before grabbing my cap and phone.


"Ah there's my love." A deep accent said.

"Hey there styles." I smile hugging him.

"Already graduating how do you feel." Harry smiles.

"Nerves. You're lucky you graduated last year." I groan.

He chuckles and kisses my head.

My parent walk up to us as they look over at Harry.

"Oh mum dad this is Harry, Harry this is my parents and you already know my brother Stiles." I smile,

"It's really nice to finally meet you Mr and Mrs. Hale." Harry smiles and shakes my fathers hand.

"Same to you Harry." My dad smiles at him.

"Baaabe." I hear Tory's voice yell.

"T." I smile jogging to her as we hug.

"You ready for the speech you're making.?"She squeals.

"No but I'll do my best." I sigh.

"You do great." She smiles.

I chuckle as I look past her seeing Luke and the boys. He looked over at me with a dry face. He rolls his eyes as he continues to walk with the guys. I don get it I'm the one who's suppose to be pissed, he was using my for money for gods sake.

"Ok graduates take your seats." Mrs.Gomez our Vice principal said guiding us to our seats.

My and Troy say bye to my parents brother and Harry as we took our seats.

I sat next to Gabe with Tory on my left and Carter on her left.

"Hey beautiful." A voice said from behind us.

"Hey baby." Tory's says to Calum.

I roll my eyes and groans seeing that the guys were sitting behind us.

"Let it go you think I'm happy sitting here." Luke said from behind me.

"Didn't ask if you were." I say still looking forward.

"Whatever." He breathes out before leaning back in his seat.

The music starts as all of us stood up. I sigh as the ceremony started.


Our row gets up as he turn to the stage before walking. "Jake Gordon."

"Kevin James."

They started calling names, my hand shook and sweating. I haven't practiced my speech as much as I should've.

"Gabriel Gonzalez."

I let out a breath as Gabe walked on stage.

"Malia Hale." I smile as I walk up the steps and taking my diploma and shaking to teachers hands before walking to the podium. "Malia Hale will now give her speech." Mrs.Gomez smiled handing me the mic.

I take it and look up at all the people I let out a shy breath before specking.

"Good morning Mr.Cruz, Mrs.Gomez. Teachers, families and our fellow graduates. Today we are here to celebrate our accomplishments in our four years of high school. Walking through the halls, attending every football game. We learned that high school is where mistakes are made. But we learned from them maybe not in the best of ways. We had our enemies and our friends. People say that the friends you make in high school will no longer be with us after this day. But I disagree with that the friends we have now or the ones you're keeping for the rest of our lives. Sure high school might have been a living hell for some of us it was for me but when you walk out here you'll miss every moment you had in this school. Believe it or not. We might have even met our high school sweet heart. Our first love and hate. But now we start a new chapter in our lives moving forwards and leaving a marks in this world. We might be going our separate ways but we will never be apart. For congrats guys we made it. We are class of 2015. Live your life in collage. Have fun. And screw the time limits. It's our time to live and be teenagers. But know that all our memories good or bad make us who we are."  I smile before finishing. "So go get the hell out of here and have fun." I smile as they cheer and clap. I laugh. Before walking off stage.

      "Congrats to the graduates of 2015." Mrs.Gomez yells as we throw our caps in the air cheering.

      "Hello collage.!" Tory yells giggling.

     I smile over at her as I turn my head to Luke seeing him already looking at me. He softly smiles and sends me a wink. I smile before turning back to Tory. I guess this is it for me and Luke. By tomorrow he'll be off to California and I'll still be here. But it's whatever.


    "Congrats babygirl." My dad smiles.

    "Damn I can't believe you actually graduated." Stiles jokes.

     I punch his arm playfully laughing.

    "Hey love." I turn to see Harry smile.

    "Heyy." I giggle.

    "I enjoyed your speech." He smiles wrapping his arms around me.

   "Eh I kinda didn't. It was pretty lame but I mean I didn't practice it so." I smile.

    He chuckles kissing my forehead. "Can I take you out tonight.?" He asked looking down at me.


    "Malia honey come take a picture." I was cut off by my mom calling me.

    "I'll text you ok." I smile before pecking his lips.

  Harry's (P.O.V)

     I smile softly seeing her walk to her parents. I feel a hand in my shoulder turning me around. I was faced with a smirking Luke.

   "So I see you're doing a good job." He chuckles crossing his arms.

   "Whatever. I'm forced to do this shit." I say annoyed.

   "Well yeah what's better then helping me win money." He smiles.

"I don't wanna help you win this stupid bet man." I say.

"Oh you do or do you want everyone to know the truth about you." He says.

    "You're sick. And anyway how are you even gonna get M if you're going to California tomorrow.?" I asked him.

    "Who said I was going to Cali.?" He smirks.

    "No...tell me you didn't." I groan.

    "Oh I did. I'm going to Australian national University." He smirks.

To be continued......

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