Senior Year. ( *punk* lrh fan fic)

"Hey watch were you're going" A deep annoyed voice said filling my ears knowing exactly who it is.

"Not my fault your ass is standing in the middle of the hall." I fought back

"Feisty I like that." The blondie smirked eyeing me up and down. " I'm Luke."

"Yeah I know who you are." I pushed past him without another word.

Little did Mia know that the bad boy in school would change her senior year.


15. Going to Carter's.

Malia's (P.O.V)

*buzz buzz* my phone vibrated http get a text from Tory.

    T: B I'm outside open the door.

   M: Stiles is gonna open the door.

    T: Alright. ๐Ÿ˜

   M: Don't even think about it.๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    T: Okok.

    I chuckled tossing my phone on my bed. "Stiles open the door for Tory please." I yelled from my room.

    "Alright little sis." He yelled from the living room.

    "Hey Stiles." I heard Tory say from downstairs.

    "Hey T." Stiles said opening the door for her. "M is up in her room you can go on up." I heard Stiles said before closing the down.

     "Hey M." Tory said walking in my room.

    "Hey, I picked out two dresses but i don't know which one to wear." I said showing her one red skin tight dress that goes mid way down my thigh and the back cut. Then I showed her another skin tight black lace dress the goes inches under my bum.

    "Black lace defiantly." Tory said grabbing the black lace and placing it on the bed but walking to my closet to pick out black heels. "With these heels I got you for your birthday party."

    I smiled before heading to the bathroom to wash up.


We got to Carter's with Tory wearing a solid black skater skirt and a white lace crop top and black heels.Her light brown in a waterfall braid. I just straighten mine I gave up when it came to my hair.

   "Ready for our first senior party.?" Tory said turning off the car.

   "Fuck yeah." I said throwing my hands in the air.

   She laughed  as we got out the car. Carter's house was nearly destroyed. There was people in the front lawn with beer in red cups guys all over girls. Some people smoking on the side way.

We walked into a crowed living room with music booming through the speaker.Sweaty bodies dancing close to each other grinding and even sucking faces.

   "Well look who finally made it." Carter said walking towards us from the kitchen with Gabe behind him.

    "You guys look great." Gabe said smirking.

     "Eyes off bro." I chuckled.

      "Well drinks are over by the kitchen dances here. If you wanna swim pool out back. Upstairs off limits." He said pointing at Tory at the last part.

       "I keep no promises babe." Tory said walking to the kitchen.

       "Ooo I see a fine ass showed up." A deep accent coming from behind me.

    I turned around to be faced with Luke.

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