Nothing Short of Fate

Marauder's Era; Lily Evans is starting school at Hogwarts with her best friend Severus Snape. Then James Potter and his Marauder gang come into the picture, and they just might change a few things. Follow Lily through the ups and downs of Hogwarts, friends and love...


5. Platform 9 3/4

I rose early on the dawn of September 1st. Looking around my room, I mentally checked off all of my supplies then began to get dressed. We were required to wear muggle clothing to get onto the platform then change on the Hogwarts Express. I slipped on some jeans, a striped t-shirt, converse and a zip up jacket. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and shoved my trunk downstairs. Mum was already in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Morning Mum!" I chirped, grabbing a piece of toast.

"Morning Lily. Are you all ready to go? We should leave by 10:00 so that we can get to Kings Cross in time." Mum poured me a glass of OJ.

"My trunk is by the door and I'm all dressed as you can see," I downed my drink then finished off my toast, "We should load my trunk then get going."

"Alright then," mum rinsed my cup then grabbed her purse and walked into the garage.

I grabbed my trunk handle and started to drag it toward the car, which began to rumble. As the engine roared louder with life, I winced and listened to see if Petunia would wake up. It was 9:50 already and she didn't like being woken this early on Sundays. Tuney hasn't been talking to me lately. The whole witch thing has put an invisible barrier between us. She always called me a freak for being able to do strange things, but since she found out that I was stranger then she thought, she shut me out completely. I only saw her during meals. I miss her but she won't talk to me so I gave up after a few days of trying to get her to speak.

Hearing no noise from upstairs, I continued to drag my trunk to the car and into the back seat. I then hopped into the passenger side as my mum began to back out of the garage. We drove for 45 minutes before reaching the station.

I grabbed a trolley and heaved my trunk onto it, then set a basket on top which contained my new cat, Belle. Wheeling my cart onto the platform, I steered it toward platforms 9 and 10, stopping at the wall between. My mom's hand landed gently in my shoulder.

"Don't be sacred Lily, just run," my mum whispered in my ear. I nodded my head and started at a slow jog, which turned into a sprint which changed to a dead run. Right before I hit the wall, I squeezed my eyes tight. I felt a cool breeze rush past and had a moment of silence until the sound of bustling people reached my reached my ears again.

I opened my eyes to see people dressed in regular clothes but with the most irregular luggage. They all had trunks similar to mine and cages full of owls and toads and cats. The adults were waving wands, fixing their children's jackets and giving hugs that could squeeze the life out of you. My mum popped out of the wall and led me over to an empty compartment. I loaded my trunk onto the train before turning back to face mum. She had tears I her eyes and a caring look on her face.

"Look at you," she said, "A witch, going off to your first boarding school. I am so proud of you." She wrapped her arms around me in a loving embrace. " I love you so much."

"I love you too mum," I whispered. A loud whistle pierced the air, letting me know I had to get on the train. I picked up Belle in her basket and said "I'll see you Christmas break mum."

Then climbed into the train and sat in a compartment. Looking out the window, I saw my mum waving from the platform, tears still streaming down her face as the train started to pull out. I waved until she blurred with the crowd and the train made a turn into the English countryside. As rolling hills and flowered valleys passed in and out of view, I heard a crash outside the compartment door.

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